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In the 80′s Mitt Romney took his family (wife and five male clones) on a 12-hour road trip from Boston to Ontario.  Mittens being such the family guy brought the family pooch, an Irish Setter named Seamus.  Unfortunately, Seamus had to ride on top of the car in a crate.  Mittens defends this action by saying his dog just loved riding on top of the car at 60 miles per hour for 12 hours.  Wheeee!!!  Obviously Seamus the dog loved it because he did what everybody does when they love something, which is crapping all over oneself.  The poop was running off the back off the car, trailing down the back window freaking out Mitt’s five sons (glad I wasn’t driving behind him).  Mitt pulls over at a gas station and hoses off the car, crate and dog before putting the dog back on top of the car and resuming his journey.  Why Mitt didn’t just chain the dog to the back of the car and make him keep up, I don’t know.  Romney could have explained it later as giving the dog exercise.

I’m not sure Mitt Romney is callous, oblivious, cruel or just a pinhead.  At any rate it’s animal cruelty.  Even if I liked his politics I can’t vote for someone who would torture his dog.  It would be like voting for Michael Vick.

And dude, release your tax returns.  We already know you’re filthy rich and have nothing in common with the average middle class worker, unless that average middle class worker is a dog torturer.

For the record, Chubbs the Beagle rides in the front seat and he must really hate it because he’s never crapped all over himself during a ride (though some people would say any sort of riding in my car while I’m driving does amount to intense trauma).  For Chubbs, being tortured is my not sharing nachos or pizza rolls with him.

Clay Jones