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George Orwell nailed it 100% with 1984 and Animal Farm. He was writing about the Soviet Union before and during WWII, but his novels now apply to every form of government. Doublespeak and Doublethink are rampant in the United States and have been for decades. It gets worse every day. If you don't agree with me, I'll let rats bite your face off.

In recent days I've heard a number of Democrats actually say that Medicare is an example of a successful government program. Excuse me while I vomit on my desk. Medicare is a program that has $74 TRILLION of future unfunded liabilities. Your politician leaders have promised Americans $74 TRILLION more than they have figured out how to pay for. The Wall Street Journal details how great this system runs. 

  1. Doctors participating in Medicare must practice medicine under an outmoded, wasteful payment system. Typically, they receive no financial reward for talking to patients by telephone, communicating by e-mail, teaching patients how to manage their own care, or helping them be better consumers in the market for drugs. Medicare pays by task, and these are not reimbursable activities. So doctors who help patients in these ways are taking away from billable uses of their time. In fact, physicians who help patients in these ways may end up with less payment from Medicare. To make matters worse, as Medicare suppresses reimbursement fees, they are increasingly unable to perform any task that is inadequately reimbursed. Other health-care providers face the same perverse incentives. All too often, high-cost, low-quality care is reimbursed at a higher rate than the alternative, and Medicare's payment rules get in the way of providers working together to improve health care.
  2. While our health-care system has some of the most innovative treatments in the world, Medicare's payment system imposes many barriers to innovations in using those treatments efficiently and effectively. In normal markets, cost efficiencies and quality improvements mean larger net revenues when an entrepreneur finds a better way to provide products or services. By contrast, entrepreneurial efforts under Medicare all too often find their greatest reward when they exploit the system by finding ways to bill more for more services, rather than improve it.

We attacked a country based on false pretenses, underestimated the nation building requirements, lost 5,000 brave American soldiers, had 50,000 soldiers badly wounded, have spent $700 billion in direct costs so far, with another $2 billion in the pipeline, created more terrorists, and we proclaim that THE SURGE WORKED. Our government has the balls to declare success in one of the most disasterous foreign adventures in US history.

Obama has the gall to use fear tactics to get his $787 billion Porkulus spending bill rammed through Congress and promise that his plan would CREATE 2 million NEW jobs. Then he changed it to CREATE or SAVE 2 million jobs. Since passage of this bill, we have LOST 2 MILLION more jobs, with another 1 million to be lost before the end of the year. Him and his cronies have been on the talk show circuit claiming that the stimulus has worked and is generating a recovery. Now the story is that if we hadn't passed his pork bill, we would have lost 4 MILLION jobs rather than the 3 MILLION we will lose. Therefore, another government SUCCESS STORY.

Virtually everyone in Washington DC are filthy lying whores. Don't trust a word out of their mouths.