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As I attempted to try and read the Phila Inquirer this morning I was struck by the fact that the mainstream press has become the FRINGE EXTREMISTS. Their hateful biased accusations of racism and right wing radicals attending peaceful protests in Washington DC shows the desperation because they are losing the healthcare debate. After attending the 3 day Campaign For Liberty conference in Valley Forge, I did not hear one derogatory or racist remark made about Barack Obama. The people at the conference were focused on reducing the size and scope of government. The discussions were about individual liberty and responsibility of the citizens.

When I read what amounts to journalism in the Phila Inquirer this morning, it explains why their circulation has fallen by 40% since the mid-1980's. If you want liberal propaganda without facts, read the Phila Inquirer. If you want a facts based analysis with enlightening discussion go to the internet and visit sites like ours. The chart below shows that people have come to the logical conclusion that corporate newspapers and corporate TV networks can no longer be trusted to provide factual information to the public. The story below is an example of how personal racist agendas pass for reporting of the news. 

Year Weekday Sunday
1936[4] 280,093 369,525
1938 345,422 1,035,871
1968 648,000 905,000
1984[5] 533,000 995,000
1990[6] 511,000 996,000
1999 402,000 802,000
2002[2] 373,892 747,969
2006[7] 350,457 705,965
2007[8] 338,049 645,095

Below is Annette John-Hall's credentials. She is evidently an expert in music, TV, Pop culture, and sports. I see a Pulitzer prize in her future. Her column today is in the Metro section of the paper. I would expect the article to be based on some facts, but it is basically an opinion hatchet job on white people. I think the best approach to addressing her assertions is to respond within the body of her article. My comments are in bold. 

Annette John-Hall is a metro columnist for The Inquirer. She was previously a features reporter and columnist focusing on music, film television and pop culture. A native of Berkeley, Calif., she covered professional, college and high school sports at the San Jose Mercury News, the Rocky Mountain News in Denver and the Oakland Tribune.

Annette John-Hall: Infected by racism, criticism of Obama obscures the issues

By Annette John-Hall

Inquirer Columnist

I'll be glad when President Obama signs a health-care bill. (I guess any healthcare bill will do. Details don't matter.)

Because I've been feeling a little sick lately.

I've had this sinking feeling in my stomach ever since South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson's "You lie!" outburst this month exploded all over the president of the United States. (Joe Wilson apologized directly to President Obama. The President accepted the apology. It is the Democratic party that will not let the issue rest.) 

Felt queasy again three days later when I watched coverage of the conservative Tea Party Express march on Washington and saw two particularly disturbing posters. One read "Impeach the Muslim Marxist," and the other depicted Obama as a witch doctor, complete with bone through nose. (The Democrats must have decided this was their best talking point. There were somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 peaceful protestors in Washington DC. Almost every one of these people had a sign. I've heard the liberal media refer to these two signs as representing all of the protestors. Based on my calculation 2 out of 50,000 signs = .004% of all the protestors. I wonder if there were any anti-white or anti-Jewish signs at Louis Farrakhan's Million Man Washington March (actually only 400,000). Some of my favorite Farrakhan quotes are: "Many of the Jews who owned the homes, the apartments in the black community, we considered them bloodsuckers because they took from our community and built their community but didn't offer anything back to our community." "Murder and lying comes easy for white people." "The Jews don't like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that's a good name. Hitler was a very great man.")

And I couldn't stem a wave of nausea when I heard self-described American "patriots" shoot off phrases like "I want my country back!" (If you have nausea, maybe you are pregnant. Why does the term patriot make her throw up? The definition of patriot is: a person who loves his or her country and passionately supports its interests. Sure sounds sinister to me. The protestors in Washington DC realize that we are a representative Republic. The priveleged ruling elite now control government. The people want a say.) 

Have to wonder what they really meant, considering there wasn't a person of color to be found among them. (This woman was not at the rally in Washington DC. How would she know that there were no persons of color at the rally. This is a fact for a Phila Inquirer "journalist". I use the term journalist loosely.) 

By then, I didn't need former President Jimmy Carter to diagnose what I already knew I had: Chronic Racism Fatigue Syndrome. (Jimmy Carter, acknowledged as one of the worst most ineffective Presidents in history, actually said that the overwhelming amount of criticism of Obama's policies is racist. The statement is so assinine, it doesn't even deserve a response.) 

It's a recurring condition that the ongoing debasement of the president won't let me shake. (The protests in this country over the last two months are about the 1,000 page healthcare plan, unsustainable fiscal policies, government overreach, and never ending wars. These are issues. It has nothing to do with a single person.) 

You would think electing our first African American president would go a long way toward a cure.

Instead, the racially tinged vitriol toward Obama has threatened to override the uniquely American right to protest. (Ms. Hall has not presented one single fact to back up her assertion of race having anything to do with the protests.)

And has made it almost impossible to weed out honest disagreement over policy from racist biases. (Ms. Hall needs to look in the mirror regarding racist biases. The facts are that the Democratic Party which has the Presidency, 60 seats in the Senate, and a massive majority in the House can pass anything they want on healthcare. They have lost the honest debate, so they now will use race to try and make us cower.) 

 In the money

Nobody can say for sure why Wilson, that feisty fighter for the Confederate flag, chose to direct his unprecedented public outburst before the nation toward a black president. (Sounds like anyone from the South in Ms. Hall's book is a Confederate flag loving racist.)

Only he can say what's in his heart. (Ms. Hall has already judged what is in his heart. Her expertise is clearly evident.)

What we know for sure is that the gentleman from South Carolina has seen an increase in his campaign fund-raising. His smear in the House chambers has found its way onto a T-shirt slogan. Some folks are even lauding him as a hero. (The Democrats immediately started raising millions for Mr. Wilson's opponent in the next election. Again, this backfired on the Democrats as the Republicans began raising even more money. That is politics Ms. Hall. By the way, when someone lies, they deserve to be called a liar. President Obama was lying about illegal immigrants not being covered.)

For Charles A. Gallagher, sociology professor at La Salle University, it simply reinforces what research has already shown of some white attitudes about race.

"I find it hard to believe that this is about the health-care debate," Gallagher says. "I believe a number of white Americans believe that Obama has tainted the office of the presidency and shouldn't be there, and the fact that he's in office means they can bring race into the mix." (Black people only make up 12% of the population. Mr. Obama won 53% of the vote in the Presidential election. If white people didn't think he should be President, he wouldn't be. I guess it isn't hard to become a professor of sociology at La Salle.)

Which means that depicting Obama as a witch doctor is fair game? (Again, classic liberal ploy. One sign holder represents all white people. Ms. Hall's question is clearly racist. She has revealed her agenda.) 

"You look at that sign and it's impossible not to think of the imagery in terms of the racist history of America," says Gallagher, who, in case you're wondering, is white. (Oh yes. Ms. Hall found the one white sociology professor who agreed with her assinine premise, so that proves she must be right.)

To say there is no racist connotation "is akin to putting a noose on the desk of a black coworker and saying you're just kidding." (What? I don't even know what she is trying to imply. Complete racist garbage.)

Or publicly praying for Obama's death, as did Orange County minister Wiley Drake, who must be thrilled that death threats against the president have gone up 400 percent from the last administration. (It is good to see this reporter reference where the 400% figure came from. I believe they teach that in Journalism 101. Facts aren't required for the Phila Inquirer. Accusations and unsubstantiated opinions will do.)

Or calling the president an "Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug" and "a racist in chief," as Tea Party organizer Mark Williams did on his blog. (Ms. Hall may have read her Orwell in college, because she is very good at doublespeak. The protest in Washington was organized by 9/ and Dick Armey. Mark Williams did not organize the protest. This is the Democratic ploy of associating a hateful person as the leader of the protests. It is a lie.) 

The same Williams who insists his movement is about fiscal responsibility.

 Staying focused

Of course, anyone who calls them out gets accused of playing the race card. (Wow. Excellent doublespeak. She writes an entire article calling protestors racists and uses the race card to defend her unsupported racist accusations.) 

It's hard to follow the president's lead and keep your eye on the prize when you're suffering from Chronic Racist Fatigue Syndrome. (Please give us your deep analytical analysis of the prize.)

But we should. Health insurance - quality, accessible care that doesn't get worse the sicker you get - is at stake.

You would think that good health care, of all things, would be a value all Americans could get behind. (Considering 85% of Americans are happy with their healthcare, why should we get behind a plan that will add at least $1 trillion to the National Debt, ration care, and increase my taxes? Facts keep getting in the way of Ms. Hall's socialist agenda.) 

And I believe the reasonable majority eventually will. (Those who have a different opinion are "unreasonable" in Ms. Hall's book.) 

Let's face it: We're all intelligent enough to know there aren't going to be any "death panels" under Congress' plan. Except, of course, those witch-doctor-sign-waving sickos. (What? This actually passes for journalism?)

Let's just pray that ratcheting up the reckless rhetoric doesn't result in a political stalemate.

Or something dangerously worse. (Classic liberal fear mongering. What are we going to do Ms. Hall? Are we going to kill our President? This is an outrageous statement  and the Editors of the Phila Inquirer should immediately put this woman back on the high school football beat. I hate to tell you Ms. Hall, you are a failure.)

I am sending this link to Ms. Hall's email address. I challenge her to come to our site and debate this issue. My guess is she will accuse me of being a racist.