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A Tea Party rally protester holds a sign with President Obama depicted as a witch doctor.

Here it is folks. Two nasty uncalled for signs at the 9/12 protest. CNN had to work really really hard to find them, but they did. Kudos to their outstanding reporting.

75,000 protestors, 99.9% of who were not carrying racist signs, were smeared by the liberal mainstream media as mean sprited, racist, neo-con crazies. The vast majority of the protestors want the government out of their lives. They don't want to be taxed and coddled to death. They want to be free to make mistakes and live the American dream of working hard, earning a good living, and keeping what they earn.

This national revolution has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with individual rights and liberties. Live Free or Die. Don't Tread on Me. Do you get it mainstream liberal media? No, of course not. Your agenda is to push for more government control and promote your new liberal Messiah Barack Obama. If that requires calling every person who disagrees with your agenda a racist, so be it.

Nancy Pelosi fears for the safety of our President and other right minded thinkers from these radical, gun totting, racist, Confederate flag waving, neo-cons.

Where was the righteous outrage from Nancy, NYT, MSNBC, Sam Donaldson, Dan Rather, 60 Minutes and the other hate spewing left wingers when the signs below were carried in protest?