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I have to admit that I had never heard of Thomas Woods until I saw him speak at the Campaign For Liberty conference last week. I'm sorry I hadn't come across his work. Who would have thought that a PhD from Harvard actually has common sense and sound reasoning ability. Shocking. He is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Woods holds a bachelor's degree in history from Harvard and his master's, M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Columbia University. I saw him speak twice and he is dead on about the financial crisis and our future. He was also a featured person in the For Liberty movie. His new book MELTDOWN, is an Austrian school of economics view of the crisis. Therefore, he uses facts and real life rather than models like the Keynsians. He also has an awesome website with video and papers that will make you think. Here is a link to his site:

Below is Ron Paul's forward to Woods' new book. I'd like to thank Freesmith who purchased the book at the conference and then gave it to me as a gift. It is now on the top of my reading list. I doubt that I will have the same impact as Oprah.

From the foreword by Ron Paul:

“We can probably expect an avalanche of books in the coming months that purport to tell us what happened to the economy and what we should do about it. They’ll be dead wrong, and most of the advice they provide will be dreadful. You can count on that.

“That’s why Meltdown is different. This book actually gets things right.  It correctly identifies our problems, their causes, and what we should do about them.  It treats the architects of this debacle not with the undeserved reverence they receive in Washington and on television, but with the critical eye that is so conspicuously missing from our supposedly independent thinkers in academia and the media.  Tom Woods reserves his admiration for those few who, unlike the quacks who would instruct us now, actually saw the crisis coming, have a theory to explain it, and can show us the way out.

“In a short span, Tom Woods introduces the layman to a range of subjects that have been excluded from our national discussion for much too long.  Topics our opinion leaders thought they’d buried forever, or never heard of in the first place, are suddenly back, and not a moment too soon.  This book is an indispensable conduit of these critical ideas….

“Ideas still matter, and sound economic education has rarely been as urgently necessary as it is today.  There is no better book to read on the present crisis than this one, and that is why I am delighted to endorse and introduce it.”