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You have to hand it to the BLS. They pump out a lot of data. Too bad most of it is bullshit. The amazing thing is that even their skewed positive bullshit paints a horrific picture. Does it feel like you haven't made much progress since 1980? Are you constipated, out of sorts, headachy, or bloated, worrying about the future? Take heart. While you have been working your balls off for the last 3 decades, your real average weekly earnings have gone nowhere. They are exactly the same as they were in 1980 according to your friends at the BLS.

Now the bad news. John Williams at ShadowStats has proven that inflation has been systematically underreported by 4% to 5% per year since 1982 by the BLS. Using the true figures would make you throw up. The Average American's standard of living has declined significantly since 1980. The reason everyone has a nice house, two SUVs, and flat screen TVs is because the banking cartel that runs the country has lured the suckers into massive amounts of debt. Now the debt is strangling the country and the Socialist regime in power wants to increase taxes, regulation and control to solve the problem, while heaping another $9 Trillion of debt on our children and grandchildren. Anyone who thinks this could possibly end well is smoking crack.

The BLS data in 1982 was already showing a decline in real spendable earnings from the 1950's, so they stopped reporting it. Below is a link to the article from 1984 discussing this scam.

Inflation: Chart of the CPI.


Below are links to a couple BLS tables. As you might expect, the average weekly earnings numbers are skewed upward by the Ken Lewis' of the world who make $68 million. You and I have fallen even further behind as weekly employees.

You'll also be happy to know that government workers and union workers are doing much better than the average worker in private industry. This bodes well for an economic recovery.