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The day after I call for his arrest and imprisonment, it appears the wheels of justice are spinning. This dirtbag stole $130 million from the shareholders of Countrywide in 2007 by cashing in all his options because he knew the stock was going to tank. The fraudulent mortgages he was hawking were about to explode. He knew it. We didn't. He is enjoying the fruits of his hundreds of millions in fraudulent compensation while 20,000 of his employees lost their jobs, shareholders were wiped out and we the taxpayers picked up the tab. He needs to spend the rest of his life in a filthy prison cell with a guy named Bruno. Will he get what he deserves, or will justice be a slap on the wrist fine? If his friends Chris Dodd and Kurt Conrad have a say, he'll be given a medal. Check out Mozilo's quote and two interviews with the SHILLS from CNBC. NEVER EVER LISTEN TO JIM CRAMER ABOUT ANYTHING.

Cramer kisses Mozilo Ass - March 22, 2007


``It was impossible to anticipate the credit crisis we've seen on a worldwide basis"

- Countrywide's Angelo Mozilo, after dumping $425,000,000 of CFC shares


BARTIROMO: Sure. So what is the future, then, for Countrywide? Tell me how you see this debacle playing out?

Mr. MOZILO: Well, I think it's great. First of all, it's made us stronger. It's made us stronger. It's made us, you know, the things we're looking at, we never thought we'd have to look at before because we had--we had access to commercial paper at will, repo lines at will, medium term notes at will. So our financing was never an issue here at Countrywide. It's made us a much stronger company. We have control of all of our data today that we didn't--and I say it was not as expert as it is today. Countrywide's future is going to be great. You know, it's always been great. We've been, you know, we're one of the best performing share stocks and stocks in the New York Stock Exchange for the last 40 years. You know, better than Berkshire Hathaway, and I love Warren, but that it makes me proud to have, you know, people that we beat. Microsoft. We're better than Dell. We're better than all of those to our shareholders. We want to continue doing that. That's who we work for. So I think down the line this is going to be a better company, a more profitable company, and a company that's a great investment for shareholders as we continue down the line because the market ultimately will come to us. This is America. People want to own homes. This will stabilize, and we'll go on from there. I've been through crisis before, never like this, but everyone of these you come out stronger, better and with less competition. And that's where I think we're going.

BARTIROMO: On that note, Angelo, good to have you with us.

Mr. MOZILO: Thank you.

BARTIROMO: Thank you so much. Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide Financial.

   &nbs... Another Hard hitting interview by Bartiromo - August 2007

CEO Interview: Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide Financial (CFC)


When Cramer asked why CFC stopped giving out "bad loans" at a time everyone was doing it, Angelo Mozilo said he was talking about problems with loan quality and margins at New Century and Ameriquest a year ago. The companies had a bad business model, Mozilo continued, stating there will be consequences for minority and first-time prospective homeowners because of disappearing liquidity, and this trend will impact the housing market. However, he added the subprime mess has cleared the field of many of CFC's competitors, and the company will be in a dominant position at the end of this painful subprime ride. Cramer commented its time to pick up survivors like CFC ahead of a Fed rate cut in May. Cramer aimed to reassure viewers about Muzilo's stock-selling; "He's an older fellow... It's time for him to do a little insider selling... and I would start doing some outsider buying!" &nb...