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I’m back from our NYC adventure. I arrived like the movie star I am in my 10 year old minivan. We dined at the world famous Ruby Tuesday in Times Square. I saw Harry Markopolis (Bernie Madoff Whistleblower ignored by SEC for 10 years) there. That made my night. It took me 1.5 hours to drive 100 miles and another 1 hour to drive the last 2 miles through the stinking Lincoln Tunnel.

We arrived at the AMC 25 Empire at 7:00. We got our VIP tickets and went up to the theater. It ended up being standing room only. I guess there were 300 people in the theater. Many famous people including:Lou Dobbs, Tobin Smith, Gerald Celente, Michael Panzer and a bunch of other old guys who looked important.

I had seen the film in a screening room before. To see it on the big screen is much more impressive. This is a sobering tale of greed, debt corruption and bad decisions. The ending hasn’t been written yet. The movie tells a powerful story of America from the Great Depression until today. On September 18, 2008 the worldwide financial system was hours from complete collapse. You feel the terror in the retelling of this day. This film should make you mad. It should worry you.

My three sons were the only teenagers in the theater last night. I believe that every high school and college student in America should see this film. They would realize that we have screwed them. We’ve lived beyond our means for decades and handed them the bill. After seeing this movie you will realize that the healthcare takeover signed this week was the last thing on earth that should have been done with our fiscal situation.

The movie ends with the words of Neil Howe saying that WINTER IS COMING as dark ominous clouds appear on the horizon. I can’t think of a more fitting ending. You must see this film. You can purchase the DVD from this website. I have received no compensation for being involved in this great documentary. By my estimation it has cost me $800 to be involved. You will not be disappointed.