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When I saw this Dilbert this morning, the phrase “Like a Monkey with a Hammer” really struck home. Don’t the Congress people we see every day on TV fit this description to a tee? A scene in the movie Generation Zero last night describing how the big banks handled their risk exposure showed a monkey trying to use an adding machine and eventually pushing it off his desk.

The knuckleheads in government and on Wall Street are like monkeys with hammers. And we the people are seen as nails. These primates have no idea what to do with a hammer so they hit everything within reaching distance. This is how Congress enacts laws. Was the TARP plan and the $787 billion stimulus plan anything more than monkeys throwing their own feces at the wall? Is this 2,700 page list of rules and regulations on our healthcare anything more than a bunch of dangerous clueless apes inflicting punishment with hammers?

We have become the Planet of the Apes, with stupid apes in charge. The result will be the same.