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You have to hand it to President Obama. He sure has cajones. He evidently went to the Joseph Goebbels school of lying. The bigger the lie, the more likely the zombie like masses are to believe it.

In January when he took office, the number of unemployed according to Mr. Obama's Bureau of Labor Statistics was 11.6 million. At the end of April the number of unemployed was 13.7 million. I may be wrong, but that sounds like 2.1 million jobs lost since our distinguished Presidente took office. I can guarantee you the number will be at least 14.3 million at the end of May. So, we have lost 2 to 3 million jobs during his reign, but he has the balls to put out a report that his stimulus plan has saved 150,000 jobs.

This is how our government politicians and bureaucrats operate today. You can never prove a negative, so every contention made by these corrupt dishonest weasels can't be disproved. Mr. Obama would say to me that without his stimulus, we would have lost 2.3 million jobs, so therefore his plan worked. Foreclosures reached 12% of all homes in the 1st quarter. Every government plan has been a miserable failure. Obama would contend that the rate would have been 14% if these worthless wastes of money hadn't been implemented. Until the average American awakens from their debt induced materialistic stupor, Obama will continue to lie about the true picture.

The longer we allow this to go on the larger the Hangman's gallows will get.


Obama says stimulus plan saved 150,000 jobs

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AFP) — US President Barack Obama said Wednesday his mammoth 787 billion dollar stimulus plan had saved or created 150,000 jobs in the first 100 days since it cleared Congress.

"One hundred days ago, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in half a century, we passed the most sweeping economic recovery act in history," Obama said, in a speech highlighting a solar energy plant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"One hundred days later, we are already seeing results," Obama said.

"In these last few months, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has saved or created nearly 150,000 jobs," Obama said, touting spending on alternative energy, keeping teachers and police officers in work and small businesses.

Obama said 95 percent of working families had seen a boost in their wages because of the tax cut included in the plan, and laid-off workers had received extra benefits and reductions in healthcare costs.

"From where we stand today, the road to economic recovery is still long," said Obama, after releasing a report titled "100 Days, 100 Projects" detailing progress of the plan so far.

"And the road to a new, clean energy economy is even longer -- but after four months of this administration and one hundred days of the Recovery Act, we have carved out a path toward progress."

The 28-page report, coordinated by Vice President Joe Biden, said that 112 billion dollars had so far been disbursed from the plan and helped "communities and tribes in every state and territory."

Republicans however slammed the plan, a mixture of infrastructure spending and tax cuts designed to stimulate demand, as an empty public relations gambit.

"In the Obama administration the word ?report? must be code for 'PR.'" said Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, arguing that the administration was responsible for the lost of one million jobs.

"The Obama administration may believe its own spin, but American families want jobs and to keep more of what they earn, not another 'report'," Steele said.

The latest monthly government snapshot shows the US unemployment rate rose to 8.9 percent in April with 539,000 jobs lost in the month.