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No. Larry Kudlow just shit his pants. Time for Larry to gather the shills tonight and expound upon his V shaped recovery. This old coot needs to be put out to pasture. I’m embarassed that I shared the screen with him in Generation Zero. He is the ultimate shill. The man completely missed the financial crisis coming down the tracks in 2007-2008. He is a fool. So, he fits in well on CNBC. Joey & Becky bow down every morning to the Wall Street slimeballs like Cozine, Buffett, Blankfein, and Dimon.

Larry can gather Brian Dumbass Westbury, Don Loser Luskin and a host of other Wall Street numbskulls tonight to tell us why this selloff is overdone. Let me guess. The economy is recovering. Bank profits are soaring. The consumer is spending. Home prices have bottomed. All lies.

The “experts” are wrong again. The shit is hitting the fan. The recovery is a debt induced fraud. I love the smell of fear in the morning. It smells like victory.

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