May 23, 2010 9:35 PM ET
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Amazing how the liberal and neo-con MSM are frothing like rabid dogs. The doddering Sam Donaldson’s false teeth and toupee almost shot across the table as he ranted that Rand Paul is a racist. The East Coast and West Coast elitists are beyond apopletic about Rand Paul’s views to dramatically cut Federal Spending, eliminate government departments, destroy the Federal Reserve, and cut entitlements. They are scorning and laughing at a man that is not a politician. He speaks the truth. These elitists haven’t dealt with truth in decades. The NYT, MSNBC, and ABC are spending 50% of their “news” shows trying to denigrate Rand Paul.

Rand Paul and the Tea Party are dangerous. They are dangerous to the rulers. They are dangerous to Washington DC. They are dangerous to the socialists that run this country. They are dangerous to the military industrial complex. They are dangerous to Wall Street. They are dangerous to the liberal corporate media. They are dangerous to government bureaucrats.

On the liberal MSM Sunday shows which ALL are broadcast from WASHINGTON DC or NEW YORK CITY all failed to mention that Rand Paul is KICKING HIS OPPONENTS ASS BY 25%. Sorry media elite, that is a fucking landslide. As MSNBC and ABC shreik louder, the smart people of Kentucky will vote in greater numbers for Rand Paul. So, keep up the lies, mistruths, and laughter regarding Rand Paul.

I noticed that This Week on ABC spent 15 minutes destroying Rand Paul. Then these BLATANT LIBERAL ELITISTS – Sam Donaldson and Donna Brazile said that Richard Blumenthal, DEMOCRATIC ATTORNEY GENERAL FROM CONNECTICUT, just misspoke regarding whether he served in Vietnam. He misspoke 10 times. HE FUCKING LIED. These slimy liberal scumbags tried to excuse this deadbeat. Only someone with absolutely no morals or conscience could sit there and scorn Rand Paul but say that this filthy lying politician Blumenthal just misspoke and should be given a pass.

This is America today. If you think Bill Maher, Rachel Madow, Chris Matthews, Sam Donaldson, Donna Brazile, and Keith Olbermann speak for America, support Rand Paul’s opponent. If not, I strongly urge you to contribute to Rand Paul’s campaign. It is time to send a message to the demagogues who think they run this country.

I just donated $100 to his campaign.  

Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race: It’s Paul at 59% vs. Conway at 34%
May 22, 11:27 AMLouisville Public Policy ExaminerThomas McAdam

(Lampoon:  McAdam)

The dust has hardly settled from Tuesday’s primary election here in Kentucky, and the Democrats and Republicans aren’t stopping to catch their breaths before lunging back into the partisan fray. Democrat senatorial nominee Jack Conway, of Louisville, the Commonwealth’s Attorney General, will face off in November against Bowling Green Ophthalmic Surgeon Rand Paul, the Republican nominee and son of Texas 14th District Congressman, Ron Paul.

In Thursday’s email, came the latest Rasmussen poll, giving Paul a substantial 25% lead over Conway with likely Kentucky voters, at the ratio of 59% to 34%. Four percent (4%) percent prefer some other candidate, and three percent (3%) are undecided. According to Rasmussen, Paul consistently led Conway prior to winning the Republican primary, but had never earned more than 50% support. Conway has been stuck in the 30s since the first of the year. Last month, Paul posted a 47% to 38% lead over the Democrat.

Rand Paul  (Photo:  wordpress)

Since winning the primary, Paul has gained ground among Republican voters and is now supported by 82% of the GOP faithful. That figure is up from 69% earlier. Paul also earns 73% support from unaffiliated voters at this time. That, too, reflects a huge bounce following the primary victory. Conway, on the other hand, attracts support from just 59% of Democrats. Most conservative Democrats currently prefer Paul over the Democratic nominee. Conservative Democrats represent just under 15% of all Kentucky voters, according to Rasmussen.

Paul, of course, is Kryptonite to the liberals, and it didn’t take them long to gin up a phony tempest to fuel the left’s basic attack theme: Rand Paul is nuts. (If our high school English teacher, Miss Moss, caught that last rift of metaphors, she’d go nuts too.)

Appearing on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show Wednesday, Paul attempted to explain the consistency of his political views, based upon his libertarian principals. Maddow, as is her wont, tried to get Paul to say that he was in favor of racial discrimination and segregation. Brother Jake Payne, over at Page One, found this neat video in which Maddow tries to turn Rand Paul into a Klansman.


Jack Conway (Photo:

Thursday morning, Paul appeared on the more conservative Laura Ingram radio show, and attempted a little damage control; blaming the “loony left” for pressing him on his view of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. “I’ve never really favored any change in the Civil Rights Act,” he said. “They seem to have unleashed some of the loony left on me.”

Paul referred to the Civil Rights Act as “settled,” but suggested he does view federal regulation of private business on matters of racial discrimination as fundamentally unconstitutional. A sympathetic Ingraham questioned Paul’s political judgement in appearing on the Maddow Show: “Why the heck would you go on the Rachel Maddow Show? What do you think you’re going to get when you go on Rachel Maddow’s show?”

“The problem with Rachel and most people from the left is they want to make this an issue about you supporting abhorrent practices which I don’t support,” Paul answered, reiterating that he is a staunch opponent of “institutional racism.” “There was a need for federal intervention to say we can’t have segregation,” Paul told Ingraham, referring to the elements of segregation that were linked to government services and federal funding. But Paul clearly believes that the constitutionally protected right of free association implies that, in a free society, the government should not have the power to force anyone to associate with anyone else.

Predictably, this will not be the end of the liberal attack on Rand Paul. His libertarian views are anathema to the Democrats in general, and the left-wing Obama worshipers in particular. But don’t look for any sort of rational discussion of political philosophy in this “debate.” It will be 1964 all over again; when conservative Republican Barry Goldwater’s theme was “In your heart, you know he’s right,” and the LBJ Democrats responded with, “In your guts, you know he’s nuts.!” Sic transit gloria mundi…


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