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Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd. Those are 5 fantastic reasons for not voting Democratic in 2012. The Democratic Party has been in complete control of the government for the last 18 months and these are the architects of their policies:




The list of their accomplishments are vast. On the day that the Savior was inaugurated the National Debt was $11.6 trillion. Today it stands at $13.2 trillion. Obama has increased the National Debt of the country by $1.6 trillion in 18 months. Paul Krugman, the Keynesian mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, thinks this was too austere. If we had only increased it by $2.6 trillion, we’d be out of this financial crisis created by too much debt. Obama’s own 10 year budget, not including any new wars of choice with Iran or some other bogeyman enemy, will have the National Debt reach $20 TRILLION in 2016. At that point we would likely be paying between $1 trillion and $2 trillion per year in interest on that debt. In 2000, the entire spending of the Federal Government was $1.8 trillion. Today, it is $3.8 trillion.

The best part of the current Obama presidency is the non-stop guffaws you have after hearing him speak. The actions he has taken in 18 months were the exact 100% opposite of what was needed. He bailed out the criminal banking interests on Wall Street and allowed the Too Big To Fail banks to get bigger. He took your money and gave it to Jamie Dimon, Lloyd (God’s Work) Blankfein, Vikrim Pandit and a host of other criminals. He jammed through a $800 billion porkulus bill and PROMISED it would create 3 million NEW jobs. We’ve lost 3 million jobs since the passage of this bill. He then has the balls to go in front of the American people and declare this a success.

Obama and his fellow Obamanistas in Congress have thrown billions of YOUR dollars at the union car companies and the housing market. Cash for Clunkers, tax credits to buy houses, and forced mortgage loan modifications have taken the money from the prudent and handed it to speculators, morons and numbskulls. Auto sales suck, the housing market is about to collapse again, and the loan modification program has proven that millions of “homeowners” were nothing but criminals committing fraud regarding their income and assets.

And these are just the good things Obama has accomplished in so short a time. He jammed through nationalized healthcare despite 75% of Americans opposing it. The Democrats lied about the costs. What a surprise. No one read the 2,400 page abortion of a bill. Every special interest group in Washington DC got a payback in the bill. When you are waiting 6 weeks for an emergency apendectomy in 2015, thank Obama and the Democrats. They topped themselves with their 2,600 page “financial reform” bill. I wonder how many goodies are wrapped up in that baby? It does nothing to address anything related to the financial crisis. It would not have stopped the last crisis and you can be sure it will plant the seeds of the next crisis.

Barack Obama actually gets up in front of the American people and says that he has a plan to attack the deficits when his own budgets show deficits exceeding $1 trillion per year for all eternity. He has one big set of cajones. His deficit commission will issue their report in December (conveniently after the 2010 elections). Here is the Democratic plan in a nutshell:


Got it?

They will propose a VAT to be layered on top of the existing income tax structure. Of course they will carve out exceptions for unions, blacks and Hispanics. They will increase taxes on the “Rich” (anyone with a decent job). They will cut no spending.

Lastly, Obama and the Democratic party are the party of hate. Obama hates white people. The current attacks on the Tea Party by Obama’s minions at the NAACP are a coordinated planned effort by the Democratic party and their controlled liberal media at MSNBC and CNN to win seats in the 2010 elections. They are willing to start a race war to maintain their power. All you have to do is listen to the racist hate being spewed at NAACP events by black Obama government employees. Obama has instructed his black Attorney General to create a race war in Arizona over a law that is identical to the Federal law. Obama is praying for hate crimes against blacks and Hispanics. The Democratic party wants to divide and conquer this country. They have the vast majority of the MSM on their side. Fear and loathing is their mantra. The next 2 1/2 years are going to be really ugly in this country.