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Does anyone take the shills on CNBC seriously? You only watch this miserable bunch of Wall Street cheerleaders to understand what you should not be doing. I can’t even stand the sound of Jim Cramer’s voice. You can learn more about the stock market watching Cash Cab at 6:00 PM than that fool Cramer. Bartiromo is a vacuous airhead who kisses Wall Street CEO ass. This network is bought off by Wall Street. Everyone knows it. There are no journalists working for this comedy channel.

CNBC’s viewers dropping precipitously

The site has a posting on Tuesday about the sharp decline in CNBC’s viewership numbers.

It writes, “According to data from Nielsen Media Research, CNBC has lost viewership during every hour long block during the prime market news hours from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm EDT, with the biggest overall drop seen during the network’s ‘Mad Money’ show featuring Jim Cramer.

“The eccentric investor’s hour-long show starting at 6:00 pm lost 25 percent of its total viewer year-over-year in July, from 188,000 to 141,000, while its key demographic of viewers age 25-54 fell 24 percent for the show.

“Overall the network saw an 8 percent drop in total viewers year-over-year from 5a-7p, and 21 percent of its coveted advertising demographic.

“The key demographic is also turning off CNBC’s ‘Closing Bell’ with Maria Bartiromo in droves. The two-hour show has lost 31 percent of its key advertising viewers from 3p-4p in July compared to last year, and an even more staggering 40 percent in the second hour.

“Another of CNBC’s key shows, ‘Street Signs’ dropped 12 percent overall and 32 percent with the key age group.”

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