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There was an accident on the Schuykill Expressway yesterday morning, so I was forced to detour through the 30 blocks of squalor from 69th Street to 39th Street in West Phila. As most of the old timers on this site know, I have commented about this stretch of paradise on numerous occasions. If you are new to the site, you can take a refresher course:




Our good friend David Pierre likes to use these posts as proof that I’m a racist. I challenge anyone to drive this same stretch of squalor and disagree with my observations. At the end of this post I have included the actual US Census data for this neighborhood, so that you can see that I’m not exaggerating. Key takeaways from the Census data:

  • It is 93.7% black and 2.8% white. So much for integration.
  • There are 17,000 housing units (if you can call them that), with 48% rented and 17% vacant.
  • The median home value is $37,000. The housing boom seems to have side stepped West Philly.
  • Only 65% have graduated from HS and the median income is $21,000. I wonder it there is a correlation?
  • Only 8% have gotten a college degree versus 24% of the country.
  • Only 23% of females are married versus 52% in the US
  • Almost 30% are disabled versus 19% of the US
  • Individuals below the poverty line is 31% versus 12% in the US

The unemployment rate for the city of Phila is 11.2%. The unemployment rate for black people far exceeds that of white people. The national unemployment rate for black people is 15.6% versus 8.6% for white people and 7.3% for Asians. There are 28.7 million black people of working age in the US. Only 15.1 million of these people are employed. This means that a full 49% of all black people of working age are not working. They are members of the FREE SHIT ARMY that relentlessly marches forward and demands more free shit from those of us who are employed.

The truth is, that as I observe the shiftless dregs lurking on the street corners along the 30 Blocks of Squalor, the vast majority are completely unemployable. This “community” of Obamanista gangstas (surely voted 99.8% Obama in 2008) has no intentions of working harder in school, marrying the women they knock up, opening a business, or looking for a job. They demand that Obama spread our wealth around to them. I’m positive that millions in welfare checks, food stamps, and SS disability payments flow into this neighborhood every month. They live in relative squalor, but they have no incentive to better their conditions. It’s good enough and they don’t have to do shit on a daily basis. Plus, you can make some nice money dealing drugs to 12 year olds.

You can pave the streets, but it does nothing to change the people. Their houses are falling apart. There are weeds growing from every crevice of their cracked broken sidewalks. The schools look like prison deathcamps, with bars on every window. Murals depict black glory, but the streets look like every day is trash day. After years of observation, I’ve yet to see a famished poor person in West Philly. Crackheads yes, starving children no. The good news is that despite having homes worth $37,000 and annual incomes of $21,000, the FREE SHIT ARMY are able to drive Cadillac Escalades, BMW 350s, Jaguars, and Mercedes. What a great country we have.

The only difference between the 30 Blocks of Squalor during the winter versus yesterday, when the temperature was 95 degrees, was the smell.






General Characteristics – show more >>  Number  Percent  U.S.     
Total population  43,866        map  brief 
Male  19,204  43.8  49.1%  map  brief 
Female  24,662  56.2  50.9%  map  brief 
Median age (years)  35.0  (X 35.3  map  brief 
Under 5 years  3,076  7.0  6.8%  map    
18 years and over  31,272  71.3  74.3%       
65 years and over  7,035  16.0  12.4%  map  brief 
One race  43,161  98.4  97.6%       
White  1,215  2.8  75.1%  map  brief 
Black or African American  41,110  93.7  12.3%  map  brief 
American Indian and Alaska Native  130  0.3  0.9%  map  brief 
Asian  477  1.1  3.6%  map  brief 
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander  12  0.0  0.1%  map  brief 
Some other race  217  0.5  5.5%  map    
Two or more races  705  1.6  2.4%  map  brief 
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)  522  1.2  12.5%  map  brief 
Household population  43,048  98.1  97.2%  map  brief 
Group quarters population  818  1.9  2.8%  map    
Average household size  2.47  (X 2.59  map  brief 
Average family size  3.23  (X 3.14  map    
Total housing units  21,119        map    
Occupied housing units  17,443  82.6  91.0%     brief 
Owner-occupied housing units  9,128  52.3  66.2%  map    
Renter-occupied housing units  8,315  47.7  33.8%  map  brief 
Vacant housing units  3,676  17.4  9.0%  map    
Population 25 years and over  27,231             
High school graduate or higher  17,606  64.7  80.4%  map  brief 
Bachelor’s degree or higher  2,125  7.8  24.4%  map    
Civilian veterans (civilian population 18 years and over)  3,812  12.2  12.7%  map  brief 
Disability status (population 5 years and over)  11,942  29.6  19.3%  map  brief 
Foreign born  1,849  4.2  11.1%  map  brief 
Male, Now married, except separated (population 15 years and over)  4,240  31.0  56.7%     brief 
Female, Now married, except separated (population 15 years and over)  4,474  22.7  52.1%     brief 
Speak a language other than English at home (population 5 years and over)  2,465  6.0  17.9%  map  brief 
In labor force (population 16 years and over)  16,144  49.4  63.9%     brief 
Mean travel time to work in minutes (workers 16 years and older)  38.8  (X 25.5  map  brief 
Median household income in 1999 (dollars)  21,329  (X 41,994  map    
Median family income in 1999 (dollars)  26,572  (X 50,046  map    
Per capita income in 1999 (dollars)  12,195  (X 21,587  map    
Families below poverty level  2,868  27.3  9.2%  map  brief 
Individuals below poverty level  13,650  31.5  12.4%  map    
Single-family owner-occupied homes  8,177           brief 
Median value (dollars)  36,600  (X 119,600  map  brief 
Median of selected monthly owner costs  (X (X       brief 
With a mortgage (dollars)  645  (X 1,088  map    
Not mortgaged (dollars)  275  (X
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