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Remember Sherman’s March through Georgia? The horror and destruction was horrific. Well that was a walk in the park compared to what happens when you offer vouchers for Section 8 housing to the FREE SHIT ARMY in Atlanta. No one is safe. Brigades of the Free Shit Army numbering 10,000 marched on the TriStates shopping center. General Obama was busy playing basketball and delegated leadership to Tyrone Jones, an unemployed high school dropout. It was shocking that 10,000 black people were able to get the day off from work to patiently wait in line for vouchers. I wonder how many of these people voted for Obama?

Below I’ve provided information about Section 8 housing. This is one of the biggest scams in history. A dirtbag family lived in our condo complex in Wildwood for an entire year under Section 8. How can supposedly dirt poor people live within 50 yards of the beach in a resort town? I guess they didn’t report the income they were generating from drug sales.

There is one thing for sure. If you announce that you are giving away free shit, the Free Shit Army will be on the march.  


Currently, the main Section 8 program involves the voucher program. A voucher may be either “project-based” (where its use is limited to a specific apartment complex; public housing agencies (PHAs) may reserve up to 20% of its vouchers as such.[10]) or “tenant-based” (where the tenant is free to choose a unit in the private sector, is not limited to specific complexes, and may reside anywhere in the United States (including Puerto Rico) where a PHA operates a Section 8 program, PHAs are required to send tenants portion, unless proven budget restrictions prevent them).

Under the voucher program, individuals or families with a voucher find and lease a unit (either in a specified complex or in the private sector) and pay a portion of the rent (based on income, but generally no more than 30% (40% being the maximum at time of lease-up) of the family’s income).

Crowds swarm at Tri-Cities Plaza in East Point on Wednesday morning  as people try to apply for Section 8 housing.

Crowds line up for housing vouchers in East Point on Wednesday morning.

A large crowd of people hoping to get federal housing assistance swarm the Tri-Cities Plaza in East Point. Thousands of people were lined up at the shopping center, hoping to apply for a voucher from the East Point Housing Authority that would give them a discount on their rent.


Thousands of people were lined up at the Tri-Cities shopping center, hoping to apply for a voucher from the East Point Housing Authority that will give them a discount on their rent.

People began lining up at the shopping center two days ago, and by Wednesday morning the crowd had grown to over several thousand people. East Point police, some wearing riot helmets, were patrolling the area. Firefighters and EMTs were attending to people who were overheating in the sun. Police from College Park, Hapeville, Fulton County and MARTA assisted in crowd control.

Felecia McGhee told the AJC she arrived around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. She said the major problem began when people started breaking into the line and officials started moving the areas where they were handing out applications. She said she saw at least two small children trampled when the crowd rushed the building where the applications were to be handed out.

“It’s a real mess out here,” she said.

East Point Police Sgt. Cliff Chandler said most of those treated were suffering from heat-related illnesses. He did not have a total number of people treated but knew of at least a half-dozen cases. He said a toddler was treated earlier in the morning for “some type of seizure.” He estimated the crowd at 8,000 to 10,000.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Mike Petchenik  said fights were breaking out and police had to stop people who were storming the door.

Channel 2 reporter Tom Jones said, “There are thousands, I mean, thousands of people here. I’ve seen people fall out from the heat.”

No injuries were reported but an East Point police officer was treated for heat-related problems.

By late morning the crowd had thinned considerably and people were walking up and getting their applications without delay. But just before the 1 p.m. deadline, a line of about 200 people had formed. Shortly after 1 p.m., several people ran across the parking lot to get in line but were told by police that the line was closed.

 Emergency personnel brought in a pickup truck full of bottled water and were handing it out to the crowd.

 A sign on the door of the office explained that only applications were being handed out.

“The housing authority will be issuing applications Wednesday, August 11, starting at 9 a.m. Everyone in line by 1 p.m. on the 11th will receive an application. … No Section 8 vouchers are available at this time. There are no public housing units available at this time. You’re applying for the waiting list only.”

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, called Section 8, subsidized the rents of low-income families living in apartments and houses that are privately owned. The federal program makes up the difference in rent that the poor can afford and the fair market value for each area.

The federal government has specific standards for its subsidized properties but at the same time landlords are assured an income.

Only families with incomes no more than half the median income for the area qualify. The median income for the East Point area is less than $32,000, according to Census data. It is up to the renter to find a place that meets HUD standards, which includes being 90 percent to 110 percent of the “local fair market rent.”