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Would you be happy if your portfolio is back to the high October 2007 peak?.

|Includes: QQQ, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

Just a reminder, the DOW and many indices peaked in October 2007, as well as many portfolios also, I am taken to believe.  lets limit this to US market traded stocks and ETF's, (no options) please.  Thank you.

We now have passed two years, and It would be great to hear from many others who have achieved full recovery to those highs.  If many of your portfolios, are even higher than where they were in October 2007, then it would be even better to hear from you.

As for us, We are glad to report that our recommended portfolio is now fully recovered.  Just a hint - it was made possible by continuing to select and hold on to large cap growth equities. Sadly though, very few mutual funds (with their -hyperactive turnovers) presented such great results.

FYI, most (nearly) funds, indices and _____________ , maybe showing only partial recovery to a fraction of where they were in October 2007. 

Measuring returns is a tricky thing.  We should not be comparing to March 09 lows, but to October 07 highs.  The DOW for example was at 14164 for a high and hit a 6641 low in March 09.

Visiting Morningstar - Market Indices page may put things in perspective.