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Wal-Mart - Born Again or in recovery.

|Includes: Walmart Inc. (WMT)

Many investment folks all over the place are now looking at Wal-Mart as a Born Again Star.  Lets' look at it in the long range rear-view mirror, before looking through the cheap pink glasses.

Looking at a 20 Year chart shows - WMT's best days were between 1997 to 1999 with a 500%+ move from around $11 to $ 61.  Since 2000 the stock has been in a tight range b/w $45 to $60.

It is open to question whether one make any similar appreciation in the future from this efficient giant ship in the huge ocean of world of retailing.

As for me, I did enjoy a 5 fold ride on this gravy train with an average buy in price of about $11 within a year of my first visit to one of their stores, and a sell price range b/w 55 and 60 with a holding period of about 4.5 years.

I strongly recommend talking to your best stock-picking minds on this one, going forward.  As for me, hyper growth can come from internet sales, and here there is a lot of competition that WMT needs to beat to gain its foothold. Not sure how long it will take to do this and what slice it will acheive.  The rest as you all know is history to be written.


Disclosure: No holdings currently.