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Mischief And Abusive Sellers On eBay

|Includes: eBay Inc. (EBAY)

I've been documenting the actions of an abusive eBay Motors seller for over three years online and have noticed that eBay doesn't take any action against certian abusive sellers like they should. The seller is using YouTube to abuse, harass and bully online critics. Critics such as myself have been able to prove that the abuse exists with recent articles and evidence backed up by critic blog sites such as eBay Motors Sucks and Suspended from eBay.

These articles show the smoking gun so to speak, where the eBay seller has gone out of his way to produce off shore websites hosted on off shore servers in order to slander, defame and demoralize these Critics. I have been a victim of this for quite sometime and I refuse to go away or stand down.

One of the Critics recently attacked by this Top Rated seller posted an article titled Attacks on Critics Exposing Corporate Wrongdoings where he talks about "Mafia Style", in your face tactics and suspected Racketeering.

Since 2004 while eBay Inc has concentrated on bottom line profits, often ignored blatant fraud. This type of cyberstalking apparently is permissible by only the social marketing engineers such as those that are involved in the Social Marketing Pilot and Power Up programs at eBay inc. These marketing professionals for eBay Inc are apparently paid shills using sites like YouTube to go after critics and any negative PR posted on social networks in an attempt to repair the damaged reputation that eBay Inc has left behind.

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