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The Thriving Business: Taxation, Accounting And Business Tactics

The Changing Market

A successful business is a journey, not a destination. A company never reaches a point where the owner can claim that he has "made it" and then relax his vigilance thereafter. Business conditions are constantly changing, what with competitors arriving on the market daily. Legislation also plays its part. Because of the introduction of the Combined Code (of tax practice) in the UK, the established company as much as the new entrepreneur requires rigorous Tax Accounting, vital as financial planning for success.

A Glorious Expansion

Success in business does not mean mere absence of failure, but looking around and seizing other opportunities. Companies that have capital to invest often consider taking over another business. However, a business owner must know the exact state of the targeted company's finances. This is so even when he is anxious to acquire a company brand for prestige purposes rather than profit. It is vital to hire a firm of Chartered Accountants to carry out a thorough audit of the company's assets and liabilities. The acquiring company must ensure that it has enough capital to cover the operating costs of the new company.

Planning for Profit

A business can get into difficulty for a number of reasons. The classic situation is when a company does not have enough cash coming in to carry out its customer commitments. The business owner who avails of an Accounting service at this point is not admitting to failure, but recognizing that matters are not going according to Plan A and that he might need Plan B. A good financial adviser will prove invaluable in helping the business owner negotiate a short-term business loan, make representations to refinancing firms and even to venture capitalists. He will need the best deal he can get, because the venture capitalist normally expects a stake in the business.

Planning, Managing and Succeeding

The other situations in which a business owner might need the service of an Accounting firm are almost as numerous as there are businesses. However, one area where many company owners neglect to seek advice is in Tax Management. Taxation differs slightly from the "normal" financial management within a company in that it is possible to negotiate the delayed payment of a tax bill at a time of slow cash flow. Such a tactic can save a business owner from having to take other, more desperate measures to save his company. In all situations, a good Accounting consultant is an important addendum to the most outwardly successful of businesses.