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The House Edge's Doors Are Open, And The Reviews Are In


We recently announced the roll-out of The House Edge 2.0.

After we added many new subscribers, the real test came: what would they think of the service?

The initial reviews are in, and the reviews are good.

I recently announced that we were moving to an updated version of the House Edge, what I called The House Edge 2.0. The key additions to our service and community were:

  • The roll-out of The Casino Line, a regular newsletter on the casino industry that is exclusive to House Edge members.
  • Double the content for subscribers to stay on top of every major development in the industry.

We were lucky enough to have our community grow 33% over our March campaign, which also gives a big boost to us. 

That said, all that is worth about as much as a pair of 2s against a straight flop. What matters is what they're saying. So what are they saying?

And in some comments on our new newsletter articles:

Love the new format, look forward to further updates!

Good reading with substance. Sector has a lot going on and professional thoughts are thoughts to be digested by players involved.

!Thank you, Howard! I don't think I can justify my semi-annual trip to Vegas anymore, since following you is WAY more profitable (and almost as exciting and fun)!

The red carpet is still out for anyone who wants to join the House Edge. Not sure about it? Remember, it comes with a two-week free trial so you can figure out if the House Edge will work for you. And the total cost is $25/month or $199/year. MUCH cheaper than hitting the slots on your next trip to the desert.

Interested? Click here to give the House Edge a spin. And comment below if you have questions or thoughts.