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SDE, another future WEC Failure

|Includes: OPTT, WEC Energy Group, Inc. (WEC)

SDE: It will never work, can you guess why?
Look at this junk:

Let me give you a little hint, its partially the same reason OceanLynx did not work.

First, Both of the technologies are attempting to harvest the KE of the Ocean.
 And that is a mistake, because it eventually results in devastation, even though SDE has no mooring, it still is harvesting KE ( remember Port Kembla).

Secondly, SDEs design utilizes the relatively low(compared to Deeper water) Wave energy associated with Shallow water 'breaker' waves, meaning that for every linear horizontal meter of available wave, its device has lower associated wave energy flux input, meaning associated lower wave energy absorption, and eventual output, which limits the device. They even tell you their limitations "The system has a potential to produce a net of 38kWh per meter of beachfront".
Remember, Wave energy flux is directly proportional to Wave Height.

Thirdly, being a shorebased design, the SDE device consumes a high amount of onshore real estate, which may not be a factor in some geographic areas, but definitely is, in most. About 90% of the system, the generators, hydraulics and automation, is located on the beach in an approximate distance of 500 meters from sea front. This also requires security, theft of copper, think Vandalism, electrocution hazard, and so forth.

Conclusion. SDE is double dog doomed for eventual commercial failure and lacks even a reasonable competitive edge in all but some very crappy limited applications and relegates them to minor niche status. Survivability also would in my opinion be very poor.


Disclosure: Long OPTT