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China Economy: What Will The Year of the Golden Tiger Bring To the Chinese Economy?

Going for Gold in the Year of the Golden Tiger

 Going for Gold in the Year of the Golden Tiger

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Happy New Year to all of our subscribers abroad who are now celebrating the Lunar New Year. Although this is a time for family, friends and fireworks in the east, it is also a time to consider our own prospects in the year ahead. After all, the coming 12 months have been given the enticing name, the year of the Golden Tiger.

Even if you don’t put much stock in interpretations of the lunar calendar and Feng Shui associations, it is interesting to note how eastern investors expect the upcoming year will unfold. This particular year of the Tiger is associated with metal, one of five traditional Chinese elements, and that supposedly means it will be a good year to own metals.

The Golden year will embody the traits commonly associated with the tiger – the fierce will to survive, bravery, competitiveness and rising to the top, according to the Malaysian Star.

Feng Shui expert Joey Yap says he expects the stock market to run high and hot in the first half of the year.

Asia’s leading, independent brokerage and investment group CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets has issued its 16th annual CLSA Feng Shui Index report, with a look at what 2010 holds for equities, commodities, and property. Although the report is tongue-in-cheek in style, it accurately predicted that gold would rise above $1,000 last year, the year of the Ox.

CLSA makes some very specific observations. The previous year of the Golden Tiger was 1950, a year that saw the Dow Jones Index gain significantly, and end the year on a high. However, Tiger years are typically marked by dramatic changes and even upheaval and 2010 will unfold as an energetic and powerful, but impulsive and risky year, according to CLSA.

Investors, the brokerage says, should get set to ride the wild tiger. The markets will be volatile, with a surge in the first month followed by a decline that turns upwards again in June, dips, and then swings up again in September, only to see the Golden Tiger roar once more by January 2011.

With this Tiger year’s element being metal, gold is set to have a great run and CLSA predicts that it could break $2,000 per ounce. CLSA says, commodities of all stripes will fair well including silver, copper, zinc and aluminum. Those regarded as ‘wood’ will also do very well: pulp and paper, clothing and pharmaceuticals. ‘Fire’ and ‘earth’ elements, thus technology, power, telecoms and property will have a good year but ‘water’ related sectors will be challenged, translating to a bumpy time for shipping, airlines, logistics, autos and transport.

There’s much more detail and here’s a link for those who want the full CLSA Index breakdown for the year follow this link:

For westerners, we hope you enjoy this small insight during China’s most important holiday season.

To all of our Chinese friends and subscribers, Happy New Year! May the year of the Golden Tiger bring its share of wealth and excitement to us all.

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