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Hot Companies In Hot Industries: Deep Value With Deep Returns And On The Cheap!


Considering some of the latest news and product offerings surrounding companies along with their online company profiles, we can begin to see exciting opportunities for deep value players that focus on the targets that their companies are pursuing.

These targets include some of the most exciting things happening in technology, mining among consumers and investors. A large potential for growth and significant ROI can be achieved at very cheap prices. This means the risk is minimal but the reward can be unlimited. This is a perfect positive storm for anyone interested in positioning with little cost while maximizing potential gains along the way.

Some of these companies may be takeover targets. Some of these companies may have the opportunity of spinning off an asset or a subsidiary in an acquisition or IPO. Some may simply provide stellar returns in terms of share price appreciation. Typically, the companies or stocks with lower floats will provide greater returns in a shorter time period. This is one way to rank the intrinsic value of these.

Below is a list of cheap deep-value plays, hot companies in hot industries worth building a position in sooner rather than later.

MyECheck (OTCPK:MYEC) - An electronic payment solutions provider and the leader in fully electronic check technology today announced that iCard1, an innovative global electronic banking platform and payment services provider, has signed an agreement for MyECheck services. MyECheck will facilitate the funding of electronic bank, e-wallet and debit card accounts on the global iCard1 electronic banking and payment network. Could there be an opportunity in facilitating Bitcoin and other alternative currency transactions for MyECheck? Certainly so.

Chancellor Group (OTCPK:CHAG) - Operates Silicon Valley start-ups similar to BoostVC which have the potential to change the consumer transaction landscape. Through their subsidiary, Pimovi, they are in the process of issuing their own industry-specific alternative currencies starting with 'songcoin' for the music and entertainment industry. Noteworthy as Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is currently trying to buy up the most popular music services including Pandora (NYSE:P), Spotify and SoundCloud. Considering that Bitcoin is worth close to $8 billion, this bodes significantly well for Chancellor Group and their own alternative currency offerings.

Chancellor Group also operates a subsidiary, Fuelist which competes with Ebay Motors and True Car (NASDAQ:TRUE) , valued at close to $800 million. Fuelist Co-Founder Matthew Hamilton, said today: "We have been gratified with industry response since our site went live just a few weeks ago and the release today of what we regard as a very sophisticated app with potential for very wide usage is, for us, the icing on the cake. "This release is timely. Many experts believe the classic car market is experiencing unprecedented, exponential growth. "For instance, a recent TechCrunch article, titled, 'As TrueCar IPOs, The Fuelist Launches Classic Car Pricing App', stated: 'Roughly $13 billion changes hands between classic car collectors worldwide... ' The Article also said: 'Even private equity funds are creating strategies to invest in classic cars.'" Source:

Green Cures & Botanical Distribution (OTCPK:GRCU) - Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. operates various services and products in the medical marijuana and botanical industry. It focuses on the production, distribution, and management of cannabis-derived products. The company's products comprise nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs/botanicals, sports nutrition, and specialty products. It also provides online community portals that supply public with information and resources regarding the benefits of cannabis-derived products. Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. is based in Winnetka, California.

Transzyte Corp. (OTCPK:ERBB) - American Green, formally Altitude Organix, became the first publicly traded medical marijuana dispensary brand in the world as American Green Corporation. Beginning in 2009, the company has developed retailing, branding, and commercial cultivating strategies in conjunction with its licensed medical marijuana retail dispensaries operating under the Altitude Organic Medicine brand name. The Company has developed an "automated dispensary" that will offer the company's proprietary products to qualified adults in the US and around the world under its "American Green" brand.

A search for "American Green Corporation" on Google yields some very interesting and promising research on their operations.

The company is dedicated to the renewal of the American economy and beyond through hard work and a clear vision. Besides the ZaZZZ machine, the company has several media properties, a cultivation division including Jurassic water, and is constantly in development of new opportunities.

Tera Tech Corp. (OTCQX:TRTC) - Vaporin and Terra Tech have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement whereby Terra Tech will purchase the Company's proprietary vaporizer products for resale throughout their cannabis dispensary network in California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. According to the California State Board of Equalization, there are an estimated 500 marijuana clubs/dispensaries in California that generate an estimated $2 billion in revenue annually. Medical Marijuana has been legalized in 22 states.

Nanotech Entertainment (OTCPK:NTEK) - NanoTech Entertainment is a conglomerate of entertainment companies focused on leveraging technology to deliver state of the art entertainment and communications products. Headquartered in San Jose, CA NanoTech Entertainment is a technology company that focuses on all aspects of the entertainment industry. With six technology business units, focusing on 3D, Gaming, Media & IPTV, Mobile Apps, and Manufacturing, the company has a unique business model.

New World Gold Corp. (OTCPK:NWGC) - New World Gold Corporation continues to grow through development and production of existing reserves, acquisition and development of new reserves and processing of third party reserves at it's mills. Previously the Company had focused on domestic gold reserves. However, the Company has been very successful in Ecuador and Peru and has defined a large proven reserve of 695,000 oz of gold and significant probable reserves that the Company is evaluating to change into a proven reserve. At the same time the Company will continue to acquire additional proven reserves that are ready to come on to productions. The Company has shown excellent growth in 2011 and now has 5 producing mines and 3 operating mills. The Company projects that in 2012 it will acquire another producing mine and one more mill while at the same time increasing its proven gold reserves and its daily production. Key highlights:

  • New World Gold has 5 producing gold mines.
  • The Company has 3 fully operating mills with a combined capacity of 380 tonnes per day.
  • The average head grade of the ore being processed is 1.0 oz of gold and 15 gm of silver per tonne of ore.
  • The Company processes ore from other mines increasing cash flow and profits.
  • The Company has proven reserves in excess of 695,000 oz of gold.
  • The Company has probable reserves greater than 1,200,000 oz of gold.
  • The Company is working to change these reserves from probable to proven.
  • New World Gold will continue to increase reserves through acquisitions.
  • The Company continues to have an active reclamation program.
  • The Company had record revenues and profits in 2011 and expects to exceed these results in 2012.

NewLead Holdings (NASDAQ:NEWL) - NewLead Holdings Ltd. is an international shipping company that owns a fleet of dry bulk carriers and double-hull product tankers. We provide ideal solutions for sea transportation requirements and play a significant role in meeting the worldwide demand for distribution of petroleum products and dry bulk commodities. With an experienced management team focused on operational excellence and the ability to leverage strong relationships with significant customers, industrial partners, financial institutions and shipyards, we will endeavor to capitalize on the dynamics of the shipping industry, expand the Company and create shareholder value.

Growlife, Inc. (OTCQB:PHOT) - GrowLife is the recognized leader in the specialty hydroponics industry, delivering top-quality indoor and outdoor growing equipment to large-scale farmers, mid-sized growers and independent horticulturalists. But GrowLife is more than just about cultivating crops. They state: "We're cultivating a new generation of smart business people and Entrepreneurs with the vision to take advantage of our changing times. " They are teaching growers of all sizes how to cultivate business from the ground up. They are showing them how to grow plants that thrive. We're giving them access to the best technology, equipment and knowledge. And most importantly, they are doing something no one has done before. They are financing their business dreams. It's a new business plan for a new industry. One that's expected to reach $10.2 billion by 2018.

NII Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:NIHD) - According to research on their site: "NII Holdings is a provider of differentiated mobile communication services operating under the Nextel brand in Latin America, focused on providing businesses and high value consumers with fully integrated wireless communication tools, superior customer service and an expanding network footprint.

NII was first launched as the international business unit of Nextel Communications, Inc. Following the launch of operations in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1997, the company expanded to Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City, Mexico; and Santiago, Chile. Our company now employs more than 12,800 people and operates in the major business centers and corresponding transportation corridors of these countries. Our corporate headquarters are located in Reston, Virginia.

NII uses iDEN® (integrated Digital Enhanced Network) technology, developed by Motorola, to provide instant-access, low-latency, high-quality and dependable communications. It combines digital cellular voice, data and Nextel's differentiated Direct Connect® - a digital two-way radio feature - to provide a unique integrated communication solution offering greater efficiency at a lower cost. Nextel's International Direct ConnectSM, an extension of Direct Connect®, allows subscribers to communicate instantaneously across borders within Latin America as well as with Sprint subscribers in the United States, TELUS subscribers in Canada and Intelfon subscribers in El Salvador. The company's expertise in integrating instant two-way Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications with high-quality voice and advanced data services has proven a true differentiator.

NII is continuously moving forward in the region by strategically growing its business and evolving to next generation network platforms. NII has successfully launched its next generation networks in Chile and Mexico, providing a robust communications platform with a full array of wireless products and services, including a differentiated Push-to-Talk (PTT) service and high-speed voice and data capabilities. NII expects to commercially launch its next generation network in Brazil later this year. NII will continue to explore opportunities throughout the region that will allow it to expand its network coverage, grow distribution channels and develop new offerings to support profitable new revenue streams.

NII Holdings has received several prestigious awards and rankings that reflect the company's success in building the Nextel brand and operating a business well positioned for long-term growth. In 2012, NII Holdings ranked 369th on the Fortune 500 list, up 37 points from its ranking in 2011. The company also ranked 339th on the annual Barron's 500 list, a ranking of the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the U.S. and Canada, as measured by sales in the latest fiscal year. NII has also been named one of the 2012 Best Places to Work among Multinationals in Latin America by the Great Place to Work® Institute; In addition, Latin Business Chronicle, one of the most reputable media outlets in Latin America, ranked NII Holdings on their list of "Latin America's Top 50 Technology Companies" and "Latin America's 500 Largest Companies." NII has also been named in The Washington Post's "Post 200" companies, a listing of the top 200 public companies in Washington, D.C. as well as ranked among the 50 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies by the Washington Business Journal, in D.C. As of March 31, 2014, the company's ending subscriber base was 9.4 million."


Cheap and low-risk, high-reward diversification are the keys to a successful portfolio of deep value positions along with a successful bank account! Enjoy the ride!

Disclosure: The author is long MYEC, CHAG, ERBB, GRCU, TRTC, NTEK, NWGC, NEWL, PHOT, NIHD.