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Google Augmented Reality Glasses: A Stunning Piece Of Innovation And Stupidity

|Includes: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) recently developed a prototype to a product that moves us closer to an entirely technology focused world. The augmented reality glasses literally allow you to get information on anything in front of your eyes, program your calendar, chat with people, take a picture and many other sophisticated things.

These glasses have limitless applications for the future and though they might distract one from their everyday business, the possible benefits far outweigh the potential distractions. This is one side of the story. This invention moves us closer to full technological integration which many see as a good thing but others see as harmful.

Personally, I believe these glasses are a potentially dangerous door to open. Up till now we are not fully connected with technology, we choose to use our phones and computers. However, with this step, a dangerous path has been set upon, where we might see ear pieces and augmented glasses become everyday reality. This is not a positive step for the human condition and I am strongly against it. However, I suppose the development of these technologies will never be stopped.

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