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What Stocks Are They Buying?

|About: Facebook (FB), Includes: ANTM, BA, RCL, SYF, TSN, XRX

All the stocks on the list below have our most important buy signal.

It can be found in the SID column, color coded green, buy signal.

All have grades 80 to 100 max. and tagged with "BUY" signal.

All have implied returns color coded green for a buy signal.

Below is our premier list of stocks with buy signals, that buyers are currently chasing higher. It is sorted by our most important buy signal, the SID grade found in the SID column and identified in the next column as a buy signal. The left side of the page is today's report. The right side of the page is last Friday's report and the gray shading shows every signal that has changed since last Friday.

Investors and traders are interested in surprises where our signal has reversed itself from a Sell signal to a Buy signal. These are easily identified in the 20-day bar chart that tracks our SID grade for the last 20 days. The red bars identify the failing grade and the green bars show the switch to passing grade, black bar or buying grade green bar where SID is 80 to !00. You can see that Facebook (FB), Xerox (XRX) and Synchrony Financial (SYF) fall into this category. Here is a link to our FB Nov. 8 article.

Notice in the Demand/Supply, D:S column that we color code green those high Demand signals that we consider buy signals. These are the D7, D8 and D9 signals. The stocks that have this additional signal are Anthem (ANTM), Boeing (BA), Tyson (TSN) and Royal Caribbean (RCL).

Our other signals also add some additional color. We think institutional buying is the smart money. They buy early for a 3 to 5 year run. We identify these stocks in the Fund column with a plus, +, tag on the Buy signal. 

Also our Implied Return column is total return including the dividend. You can use this to optimize stocks based on total return. If the return is too good to believe then we don't believe it, and start doing our due diligence to find the problem. Usually analysts have not downgraded the consensus target that we use. Implied Return is a lagging indicator and we have to manually check for the latest analyst targets.

Of course, institutional buyers do not chase price higher, they wait for a pullback to buy on weakness. We show the buy on weakness signal in our Timing, Tmg, column.

Here is the link to our daily report on the stocks they are buying:


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