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This Game Is Rigged - Duh!

|Includes: Herbalife Ltd. (HLF)

It is time someone straightened out the dribble coming from "4 Million Reasons Herbalife Is A Money Transfer Scheme"

1. This Game is Rigged?

Of course an MLM is rigged, but what business isn't? The few on top make more than others, isn't that what made America (some may call that the American Dream). The ones on top are always, those:

a. Putting the most skin in the game

b. Working at it the smartest and sometime hardest

c. Sometimes those that were there at startup

d. The ones in the right place at the right time

I suggest you read a story called "That Something" (you can find it on the internet) if you want to know why only a few make it to the top when the majority seem to either fail or stay in mediocrity. How many have there been like Carnigie, Rockafeller, Edison, Gates, etc.?

2. Are all businesses a Pyramid scheme?

Wait that doesn't just happen in MLM's or even in a Pyramid scheme, it happens in real world business of any kind. Why does one child selling punch on a card table in front of their house make money when one just down the street gets ripped off and loses money? Again, Wait does that mean that one is running a Pyramid scheme and the other is not?

3. Let's get to the bottom line, I have read many quotes in the Herbalife articles from attorney's claiming that if the company is selling a product and a lot of it then it is not a Pyramid scheme. Herbalife has opened several manufacturing plants and employee lots of workers making product. If they are not selling the product why do they continue to make it. Wait again, some would think that distributors are storing it in their basements and garages. But why would they let it sit there when Herbalife has offered to buy it back for just shipping costs?

4. Why so many distributors? This has already been gone over many times. A vast majority of Herbalife Distributors are buying the product to be used by themselves, because they love the product and want to get it at a discount.

5. One would think that you can only buy Herbalife products from a distributor or from Herbalife themselves. However, I have been in several countries where some of those distributors heading toward the top are selling the product in a Mall kiosk environment. How is that different than a child selling punch in front of their house?

Never mind I already know the answer, They are both Pyramid Schemes, They are both heading toward the top when others are not!