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My Results With Belviq

|Includes: Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA)

There is no reason to write this blog other than to tell the truth. I made myself a guniea pig for Belviq as I am a few pounds overweight and suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. I have always had problems keeping my H1AC levels low. As diabetics know this level is a key measure of how your blood sugars are acting over time.

I began using Belviq 3 days ago. My insulin usage has dropped by half already. I was taking 26 units of regular insulin three times daily and 30 units of overnight insulin prior to going to sleep. As of this writing I have had to drop my regular insulin to 14 units 3 times daily and my overnight shot has dropped to 20 units. I am still balancing out as I might have to drop it further. I have lost 3 pounds and I have no hunger pangs.

To me these results are incredible and I will keep those interested informed. The results I have presented above are in contrast to what some Motley Fool writers would have you believe. Also a recent article by Consumer Reports falsified information by way of a hack writer who freelances to them. As a mass of people asked to have the article rewritten, Consumer Reports ignored these folks and only responded to an article written by another hack who couldn't find his butt in a hand basket.

My aim here is not to necessarily call out these shysters (who are hired as paid shills by Hedge Funds) but rather to at least give you some representable facts from my own experience. Wall Street is a very screwed up place. Believe the facts and that will take you along way. On your side...The TRUTH

Disclosure: I am long ARNA.

Additional disclosure: I have lost all respect for Consumer Reports.