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Cirque Du Street.COM

|Includes: Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA)

Yep you heard it here. The Street.Com is nothing but a circus. The ringmaster is on his phony television show right now so I have to type quietly. During the course of trading today, the big VVUS announcement day, traders patiently waited while a news article posted by the USA Today had to be retracted as the approval they reported had not actually happened. However, that did not stop Cirque Du Street.Com from putting out another column called Vivus Weight Loss Pill Approved Maybe. Although I could never prove it I believe the ringmaster himself orchestrated this whole thing to happen.

Later in the day another great Cirque Du Street.Com article called Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc., (NASDAQ:ARNA): Today's Featured Drugs Loser was posted. The fact that Arena had lost six cents during the day and was up in after hours was trumped by the Cirque.

My question is WHY are these criminals allowed to print such garbage and then say I am sorry later?

Well perhaps it is because the network that professes to help investors by allowing spokesmen like those tied to Cirque Du Steet.Com to advertise their wares as a TV Show that always has a disclaimer. I recommend that rather than a disclaimer an apology is made to investors that lost money because of their actions.

I know in the real world these things don't happen...but wouldn't it be nice.

Disclosure: I am long ARNA.