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Our stock pairs trader is better than ALT, the supposed "hedge fund in a box", and better than SPY, gives 63%+ return, and 2.3% low drawdown

|Includes: iShares Diversified Alternative Trust ETF (ALT-OLD), SPY, SPY

For those individual investors who want a better than near 0% return on their money without losing sleep at night, here's a proposal. Follow the simple trading signals issued by my Stock Pairs Trader system

Check out the performance statistics collected independently by, which assigns it a C2 score of 988 out of 1000. This simple to follow (for the retail investor) system has been outperforming the S&P500 for the last 8 weeks. Since its public launch date of July 22, 2010 it has outperformed the S&P500 by 4.9% percentage points. See the chart in this link below:

As you can see from the annualized return for this model has been 63%
The Sharpe ratio of this performance has been an outstanding 4.3, which means the excess return has been about 4.3 times the risk taken. This is mainly because there has been virtually no risk once each long position has been paired off with its corresponding matched short position. I did not say, there is absolutely no risk, because there is always a small possibility that the two positions can deviate farther away. However, the risk is so low that the 

Max peak-to-valley drawdown (historical) was only 2.43%
and the
Correlation w/ S&P was -0.01
So this fund is as good as cash as it has a really low drawdown, while providing you a steady upward return, while having no correlation to the S&P500.

As a hedge fund, my system is proving to be far superior to the professionally managed iShares offering of ALT.
In the same time, ALT, the purported "hedge-fund in a box" has achieved a return of 0.86% in the period 7/22/2010 to 9/10/2010  

So, for a worry free return on your cash, do not put money in ALT, or SPY, but follow the trading signals given by

Enter each new paired trade signal you receive, building up your portfolio as time goes by. Enjoy the rewards within a month or two as those pairs are unwound

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