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QASP Is Picking Up Fast, After Medical Marijuana Acquisition News Today.

|Includes: Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (QASP)

QASP began what may prove to be a continued breakout pattern, earlier today, after finally releasing a major press release, announcing that they are in the midst of completing the acquisition of a "hydroponic and scientific grow supply store," in Colorado. This major news comes right on the heels of the company being officially upgraded to the, "Pink Sheets Current," Information tier, with the OTC, after their completing the necessary filing and attorney letter needed to do so. We are very happy with the way things are going here because QASP has been building up serious credit among investors, with their showing that they are able to complete each and every thing that they have promised thus far, even if there have been a few delays along the way.

While general completions of plans always hit a high note with investors, it is still the recent tier upgrade that seems to be the most significant aspect of the strides that this company has been taking. We took the time to bring to the attention of our Top Penny Stock Newsletter Subscribers over at Penny Stock Dream, that tier upgrades are almost always a precursor to an increase in trading activity in Fast Moving Penny Stock Picks. OTC statistics show that on average, whenever companies see their tier upgraded, they see substantial increases in dollar volume traded, mainly because investors tend to feel more comfortable with the idea of buying and selling penny stocks that are willing to show an interest in making financial information available to be scrutinized by investors and the general public. This particular upgrade suggests to us, that the company is making a move to be more forthright with investors than it had been known for in the past, with prior management. So far QASP has been doing a good job of getting back on a positive note with investors.

While QASP has been improving its overall image and currently manages to be, one of the most heavily traded penny stock organizations in existence, it still has a way to go before everything is really right on track. Even though they have announced the name of the company that they intend to acquire, today's news still serves as no more than an other news announcement, in a string of announcements, essentially saying the same thing about their intention to see a major medical marijuana related deal closed soon. Even today's announcement still doesn't give investors closure with regard to a deal actually being completed.

Though today's news was very well received, we are still expecting to see a great deal of updates, still to come from the company, especially considering that they are expected to announce that they are working on another medical marijuana project. This is definitely a Fast Moving Penny Stock Pick that people will want to keep an eye on, especially with the sort of attention that it has managed to generate lately.

The Full Medical Marijuana Acquisition Announcement that was released by QASP earlier today, can be viewed here: and its employees are not registered as Investment Adviser's in any jurisdiction whatsoever. We encourage all of those that are interested in any other form of investment, to conduct their own research to garner a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. Be sure to read the full disclaimer for this announcement here:

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