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Astera Announces Centerprise Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Businesses to Realize Value Rapidly with One-Click, Migration from Salesforce to Dynamics Migrations

ENCINO, Calif., Jan. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Astera Software, a leading provider of data integration solutions through its Centerprise Data Integration platform, announces the release of its Centerprise Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and its One-Click Migration tool for migrating from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Business intelligence analysts and IT workers now have a fast, graphically based method to move large data stores from other Customer Relationship Manager and Enterprise Resource Planning applications into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 without expensive and error prone hand coding.


Ibrahim Surani, President and CEO of Astera, says, "Centerprise Connectors are pre-configured to make it easy to accurately and quickly integrate a wide variety of data types. Astera's unique approach to Dynamics integration possesses ability to support high-speed data integration and migration and means information can be rapidly accessed in the desired format, helping ensure a project's success."

"Microsoft's launch of Dynamics CRM 2011 brings a rich new set of capabilities and opportunities for businesses looking to create or maintain their competitive edge through data based decision making.  Additionally, with the introduction of Dynamics CRM 2011, and its cloud as well as and on-premise capabilities, many organizations are considering a move from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011," says Surani.

Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2011 promises vastly improved business intelligence by using the powerful combined collaborative features of Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Dynamics suite of enterprise applications. By utilizing the Microsoft enterprise business and collaborative stack, businesses are able to drive productivity, to improve customer experience, and gain better business insight.

For those customers, Astera has developed a One-Click Migration connector for Salesforce to Dynamics CRM which enables businesses to migrate their data in minutes through a simple, graphical interface. Project-based payment options help minimize costs and improve the ROI of migration projects. Straightforward configurations can be accomplished in minutes. More complex configurations are made simple with preconfigured dataflows, reducing the risk of errors due to data integration, data quality or data availability issues.

The Centerprise Connector for Dynamics CRM enables rapid integration and synchronization with Microsoft Dynamics CRM data with internal and external applications and databases, easily and affordably. Centerprise Data Integrator's Dynamics functionality is designed for companies looking for an easy-to-use, powerful and cost effective solution for Dynamics CRM integration, and Dynamics CRM migration.

Centerprise Connectors include pre-configured workflows as well as dataflows that enable the Centerprise Integration engine to communicate quickly and easily with specific enterprise business applications, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks and more, as well as with industry leading databases, data warehouses, and technologies such as EDI and web services.

Centerprise's parallel processing engine delivers the performance and scalability to efficiently process large data volumes. Its open architecture and 100 percent .NET 4.0 APIs make it both customizable and extensible. Centerprise works in native 64-bit mode providing performance and scalability to deliver performance faster than that of other enterprise architectures in real-time scenarios.