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Rumour Mongering on EBIX

|Includes: Ebix Inc (EBIX)

I have done more work on this company than any in my 20 year career.
The rumour mongering is amazing. I cant even begin to identify the who's and why's

But through their financial releases and annual reports, through serious digging, I conclude EBIX management have refuted

EVERY yes every rumour about them: tax rates, subs with dodgy profit margins, intellectual property location, auditor confusion, margin expansion, client growth and retention rates...I could go on.

Believe me I could go on. I have researched these rumours more than any company (invested successfully for 20 years) and they get an unqualified 5 star bill of health.

disc: a significant part of my equity exposure is here, and despite the recent slide being painful, I am buying on the way down. COS i have never been more confident on a companys prospects, and this all backed by hard digging and research!

disc: very long ebix