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The Conference Call and "plastic companies"

|Includes:, Inc. (CRM)

Analysts were so stumped by his random stupid answers, they were baffled into silence.

BUT they still recommend it- absolutely amazing.

25 years in mkts, lived through the dot com bubble and yet, simply cannot and willnot understand this.

he talks about ceo 's who are now using chatter to run their business... does he understand why there are mgmt layers? SO CEOS DONT HAVE TO DEAL WITH BANAL CHATTER!!

He thinks they will run the companies on social networking sites... WHAT LIKE INVENTORY AND DEBTOR COLLECTION?? THIS IS MADNESS BEYOND ANYTHING I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED.

As for earnings, the company grows its rev by 27% and earnings are flat? Will be flat for the next year, cos of the cost of a convention.

And analysts clamour up buy recs cos of the potential? What potential?? there is no leverage! he is hiring and paying staff in shares that dilute eps to 0% growth!! Give me a break!

Disclosure: short crm!