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Maxar Technologies: Insiders Point To Space

|About: Maxar Technologies Inc. (MAXR), RPT

Originally posted on March 15, 2019 at

As always, I’ll start with the results at the end of today’s trading. LJPC sold at 30% increase, and the portfolio averages 7.72% (4.39% over the SPY). Not too shabby.

Purchased     Ticker      Cost      Current   Change

1/15/2019      LNDC      11.77      12.29       4.42%

2/1/2019        LOB        14.48      15.34      5.94%

2/8/2019        LJPC       5.73        7.45      30.02% - SOLD

2/8/2019        UFI      21.78        21.08      -3.21%

2/15/2019     TNAV     5.24          6.06      15.65%

3/4/2019       BKD     6.59           6.81       3.34%

3/4/2019       EQT     19.83        19.41      -2.12%

3/8/2019     ONDK      5.70        5.63       -1.23%

Average 7.72% (SPY 3.33%)

Strong signal – Maxar Technologies

I got a cool one for you this week… Maxar Technologies (MAXR) from Westminster, CO provides space technology solutions for commercial and government customers worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Space Systems, Imagery, and Services. Revenues have been going up steadily, but for various reasons, the company has been crashing hard since it 2017 IPO. That said, analysts believe in it, bloggers believe in it, and now the insiders jump on board as well – just in the last week 5 different insiders (including CEO and CTO) invested over 300k in the company. I’ll bet that the insiders know something is coming, and I purchase the stock today for $4.57.

Potential signal – RPT Realty

A solid company this time that can be bought for a discount, if the insiders are an indicator. RPT Realty (RPT) from New York, NY operates a national (in the US) portfolio of open-air shopping destinations. The company has been showing solid earning and usually beats earnings estimates, but there is not much revenue growth and the stock has been going sideways. Now that the stock is in one of its valleys, insiders are dipping in, including the CFO and CEO who are usually the best indicators. I think that around $11 this can be a steal that goes to $14 and beyond, AND there’s a juicy 7.39% dividend…


When purchasing a stock based on insider activity I normally hold it for up to 6 months or 30% increase, whichever comes first. During that time the potential should unfold, and if not, it probably wouldn’t, at least in this round (unless there is additional significant insider activity). I’m purchasing MAXR at $4.57 and hope to see a nice return in the coming months.