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Have Entered The "Golden Age" Of Gold Mining?

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Gold and silver mining stocks could have much further room to run.

Gold prices could blow past $1,500/oz, and with most miners reporting cash costs well below $1,000/oz, margins are juicy.

The market may be shocked to see the profits produced by miners during the upcoming earnings season.

Have We Entered The "Golden Age" Of Gold Mining?

Subscribers of The Gold Bull Portfolio continue to benefit from the recent rally in metals prices and my stock recommendations. But I believe the rally in gold and gold miners is just beginning. 

Not only that, I feel that gold miners are deeply undervalued when compared to the price of gold, and I think the market is going to be surprised to see just how strong upcoming earnings will be.

Most miners are producing gold at all-in sustaining costs of <$900/oz, and gold has been trading north of $1,500, leading to juicy margins for producers. I think we're going to see really strong financial results in the coming quarter.

Why are Gold Prices Rising?

Data by YCharts

(Gold prices as of last week).

Investors are pulling money out of stocks and seeking safe havens, including gold, due to the various uncertainties in the market and the possibility that we've reached a top in the stock market.

US-China trade war and recession fears: The tariff-driven trade war between the world's two largest economies continues to spook the markets. I believe the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the trade war has been influencing gold prices, and will likely continue to do so.

Meanwhile, the inverted yield curve (when short-term bond rates are higher than rates paid on long-term bonds, a recession warning sign) has many economists sounding the alarm on a recession. From Larry Summers, via the Wall Street Journal: "I haven’t been this alarmed since the financial crisis."

Worldwide central bank rate-cutting: The U.S. has joined other world economies and the Fed is widely expected to cut rates again next week by a quarter of a percentage point.

Accommodative monetary policy (rate-cutting and quantitative easing) has been good for gold in the past, and should be good for gold in the future.

Central bank gold buying: Central banks across the world continue to buy gold, making record purchases of $15.7 billion in the first six months of the year. China bought gold for the 8th straight month in August, according to Business Insider

"China bought nearly 10 tons of gold in July, adding to its eight-month buying streak and bringing its reserves to 62.26 million ounces — about 1,945 tons...The purchase is another signal from China that it's prepping for a prolonged and escalated trade war with the US." 

Why are Miners a Better Bet Than Gold?

Gold miners continue to trade at a low valuation when compared to physical gap, but I expect the valuation gap to close - perhaps once the market sees how higher gold prices positively impact miner's earnings.

The HUI to GOLD price ratio is a good ratio to evaluate and watch. This values gold mining equities (the HUI gold bugs index, which is an equal dollar weighted index of companies involved in gold mining) in relation to the physical gold price.

Dividing the HUI index by gold has typically lead to a ratio above .30, as you'll see below. The ratio is currently .1361.

(Credit: MacroTrends and Yahoo Finance)

The HUI is worth $204.14 per share as of writing. For the ratio to revert to the average of .30X, each HUI share would have to be worth $446, more than double its current price. This means most gold stocks would be more than 100% above current stock prices, if it traded at a normal ratio.

The bottom line: Gold miners remain deeply undervalued compared to gold and will likely rally at some point over the next few years, and perhaps sooner rather than later.

How Can I Make Money In This Bull Market?

Gold Mining Bull's marketplace service is creating value for investors looking to beat the performance of the typical gold stock.

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