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Health Care Reform

Dear friends,
I am so glad that Rep. Joe Wilson stood up in the middle of the Presidents speech and put the issue of health care for illegal immigrants on the front burner.  I assume that "illegal immigrants" is a code word for Mexicans who came across the border to work and only pay a sniveling tax on stuff they buy.  I am especially happy since the Mexican Government has denied me their comprehensive National Health Care on the technicality of "a preexisting" condition which we know would never happen in the land of the free and the brave.  Really I am sure they denied me because I slipped over the border in order to avoid work.
And how about that Senator Max Baucus suggesting legislation to fine those who have no health care?  What a guy, that should add to the bottom line of those of us who have stocks in the heath care insurance industry-but I have a better idea.
I have written a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi that I wish to share with you:
Dear Madam Speaker,
I wish to present an idea regarding health care which the Republicans could get on board with.  I suggest that instead of a fine for not having health care insurance or being an illegal immigrant seeking health care in the U.S, the penalty should be the death by hanging.  Hanging is better than lethal injection which makes the body organs unsuitable for transplant.  For those who are in need of a transplant and fortunate enough to be rich or to have insurance that will pay for it there would be very large pool of organs available.
Since I imagine most of the unemployed are amongst the uninsured this would also make our unemployment statistics be the envy of the industrialized world.
Thank You