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The Best Investment...Even If Its "The Worst"/Wealthy? Easy To Stay That Way Through Investing

The dream of being a big player in the stock market. The dream every one starts out with, but some may never realize because of limited financial means.

There are "several keys" to being a good investor most will tell you, but really all you have to do for the most part is do your homework and use common sense. I first started investing around the age of 18. I had little capital, but already felt I had a good grasp on the market. I set up a personal account with sharebuilder, set up my personal watch list, comprised of only the best stocks I thought would "eventually get there" or "take off" or "earn me that big money". And I invested what little capital I actually had into one prized stock, one that analysts said was garabage, but I knew better because all of my research stated otherwise. PEIX. Pacific ethanol Inc. was my first real investment. At .15 cents per share I loaded up. Month after month I poured what little capital I had into Pacific ethanol. Small hikes, large declines passed month over month, but still news and research indicated that the company was gaining value, gaining momentum. Paying off bankrupcy and buying its company back slowly. Years went bye and finally a realized a full return on my investment. Today PEIX sits above 15$ a share, and my first real investment, judged ridiculous by the experts, paid off big time.

Although my return on this one stock was brilliant, I still sit here today dissapointed. Dissapointed, because if I had just had the money to invest heavily in all the stocks on my watchlist I am up over 100% on most of the stocks on that list. From Monster Beverage Co., to AAPL, Coca Cola, Citigroup, CM, GPRE, AGENUS, and much much more, I would have made myself or someone that had the money to spend, a lot more money. If only we had the money to invest in what we wanted ay?

Today, I sit at my desk thinking the same thing….It is again time to invest in certain areas of the stock market that I have tagged for growth, and I sit here, able to invest into only one lone stock. Knowing that eventually it will boom because of all the underlying conditions the company displays and its financial data. But having many more stocks that I have done indepth research on and know for a fact they will also explode in growth and there is nothing I can do but watch the other investors that have money capitalize.

If your in the stock market long enough you will learn that yes, you can make money. But unless you have a lot of money to play with you will have that underlying dissapointment because you know for a fact you could have made so much more! It takes money to make money.

PEIX is no longer on my radar. I sold off all positions in the company as I only deal with smaller stocks. One of my stock choices with a Current Buy rating according to MY ratings is; KiOR ; I am not invested yet but do plan to upon availability of funds. Sit long on this stock and your return will be moderate to high. Heavy investment for high return. Pros will tell you high risk and not to invest. Dont listen to foolish news. Sit on this stock until plant operations have resumed at full capacity and profitability has hit this company. I see low risk high return.

This article is my first of many, and an introduction to myself and my investing practices. The posts will flow better in the future and will provide more insight into stocks and data. Thanks for reading….Happy Investing!

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in KIOR, AGEN, PEIX over the next 72 hours.