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APWR and GE China Partnership Plant

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), BWEN, GE, VWDRY, WGOV
Who is Shenyang Yixiang Wind Power?

GE Drivetrain Technologies (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., the JV between Shenyang Yixiang Wind Power Equipments Co., Ltd. which is the wholly-owned subsidiary of A-Power and GE Transportation Drivetrain System in U.S. has completed the relevant corporate register matters in Shenyang Hunnan New District, symbolizing the new JV enters into its normal operation. With a registered capital of RMB137 million yuan and an estimated investment of RMB 205.5 million yuan, this JV is established to be a wind turbine gearbox assembly company to meet the continuously growing demand from the wind power market. Its products shall reach the international standards in every aspect from quality, reliability, delivery to costs with a target for ‘top world class’. The main business scope for the JV ranges from the wind turbine gearbox assembly, final testing, to after sales service, serving for markets both inside and outside China. Its initial business scope includes but not limited to the gearboxes in capacity of 1.5MW and 2.0MW-5.0MW. It is estimated that in Aug. 2010, the JV will come into formal production with a designed annual output of 1,200 units of wind turbine gearboxes.

From the 20F...

Yixiang was incorporated in June 2009 in the PRC as a manufacturing company specializing in the production of wind turbine components to
establish a joint venture with GE Drivetrain Technologies, a unit of GE Transportation, namely, GE Drivetrain Technologies (Shenyang) Co.,
Ltd.. As of December 31, 2009, the Company had contributed 50% of its share of equity amounting to $2,508 (RMB17,125,000 )of $5,016
(RMB34, 250,000).

Where was Shenyang Yixiang Wind Power on October 13th-15th?

Notice how Mr Lin was not at the grand opening at the new Nevada facility on October 15th?

Now what could be just as important?

How about the GE soon before the anouncement??
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