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Every Republican Talking Green Jobs and Green Energy

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

Now that Harry Reid of Nevada has been reelected ((defeated the fruit cake Sharon Angle) and is going to endorse and bring a 1000 person USA plant to Nevada to build wind turbines through (NASDAQ:APWR), every single Republican is talking green energy and green jobs for USA !

This signifigant upset by Harry Reid cannot be understated cause nobody gave him a chance of being reelected and one of his main points is GREEN JOBS for a Greener America!!  APWR is going to bring a 1000 person Wind Turbine plant to Nevada and the temporary facility has already been announced in Henderson, Nevada.

the SIGNIFIGANCE of every single Republican talking green jobs and green energy for the springboard to 2012 elections cannot be overlooked by investors!!!

APWR is very undervalued and as the 4% move proves yesterday, 16% SHORT are going to pay the price for trying to be cute and NOT cover on the way up as folks see and hear Republicans talking green energy.

Author is LONG APWR

Disclosure: Author is LONG APWR