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Solar Side of APWR Upside Surprise in 2011

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), CSIQ, HQCL, TSL, YGE

most here have forgotten about the EvaTech aquisition (OTC:APWR) has done to secure a solar side to the China green energy equation.  Watch for APWR to have upside surprise in 2011 from solar side

With regards to the solar energy cell sector, currently the acquired company by A-Power, EVATECH is focusing on the production of the PV production light equipment manufacturing. Its products like it is called kind is called amorphous-silicon, this is different from the traditional silicon PV products with very low cost in production. Also we have signed the contract with [Inaudible] Group which is the number one in the world for the producing of the glass wall for the buildings. By this contract we will supply our PV to that group to be applied into its glass walls for the buildings.

Also, like the PV equipment, the feature for EVATECH is that PV compared with the Japanese EVATECH company there is only single layers but our product is kind of like the blocks and can be replaced by each part with each other and so it’s very flexible, can be applied. This kind of features can make EVATECH company which was acquired by A-Power a very sharp edge compared with its competitors.

Also in its R&D currently it is focusing on the flexible cell. This kind of flexible cell we have hired a very good team of specialists which are very advanced experts in this field. Seems this kind of flexible cell would be produced very soon. Also in the 2013 the National Game of China will be held in Liaoning City. The municipal government they will support us to promote our new product in the solar cell energy sector on this national game and to get better publicity. Since that, for this regard a power also foresee a bright future.

Also both the municipal government and learning provincial government they have promised to grant subsidies for the acquisition of EVATECH by A-Power currently it is in the process of coming to place. Another good news for EVATECH is that currently it is in negotiation with contracts with the company BYD of China and for cooperation and both its sales and production EVATECH thinks that we’ll have a very good market in the future with its good features on the low cost and its kind amorphous-silicon technology and to market later technology.

Disclosure: Author is Long APWR