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More Details on APWR West Texas Wind Farm

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

let the details start leaking out for (NASDAQ:APWR)

UT System Administrator--Contracts--November 11, 2010---Funds Coming In:

Agency: Spining Star Energy

Funds: $2,983,000 consisting of an inital payment of $1,183,000 for on-lease transmission lines and $1,800,000 for installation of Wind Turbine Generators

Period: Commencing on the future effective date and ending on Dec 31, 2041

Description: Ground (surface) lease for the purpose of intalling and operating a minimum of 150 wind turbine generators and other related equipment and facilities located in Reagan, Crockett, and Upton Counties, TX

Agency: Spinning Star Energy

Funds: $8,859,500 total for six easements

Period: Commencing on future date and continuing for the statutory period of 10 years.

Description: Easements for electric transmission located in Reagan, Upton, Crane, Loving, Ward, Winkler, Culberson and Hudspeth Counties, TX


author is LONG on APWR

Disclosure: Author is long on APWR