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China Coal Player APWR

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), KOL, MEE

I never ever thought I would ever be endorsing COAL and with (NASDAQ:APWR) in the same sentence but when in Rome , do as the Romans!  China is going with COAL whether I like it or not!


5. Coal rush
A-Power Energy Generation Systems
(Nasdaq: APWR) signed a major contract to build a coal-based power plant for Inner Mongolia Huolinhe Coal Trade Group.

The new project will be fully operational in five years, so it's not as if A-Power is going to collect the roughly $600 million right away. However, it's just what the company needed after a crushing third quarter. Orders today are the energy-generating systems of tomorrow

Author is LONG APWR

Disclosure: I am long APWR.