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Premier Hu of China to Visit Obama

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), BWEN, GE

how will this effect (NASDAQ:APWR) ???  Well, there could be a very signifigant announcement about the China financing for the 600MW Texas Wind Farm to the tune of 1.5 billion.

Lots of potential out there, can APWR deliver???

The EvaTech Solar aquisition will play out in 2011 and yet 99.99999% of all investors do not equate APWR to solar and yet APWR hired the head of Colorado State University solar research and development.

Hally's aquisition??  Guessing 99.99999 of investors dont even know what or who a Hally's truly is!  YES, APWR has alot of make up work to do in 2011 but green power is not going away and China is spending on green energy again as demonstrated by the over one BILLION new contracts signed by APWR (including a large coal plant contract)

Will Premier HU speak to Obama about energy and joint policy on green power?  IF this APWR financing is announced by the Texas/China joint venture, well, this author makes a TON of money!

Author is long on APWR