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Thailand Double AA Paper Contract Key for APWR Growth

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), GE

APWR has a potential 300 million distributed power contract pending with Thailand that could alter the course of the APWR shareholders and the company. According to the quarterly conference call, APWR started the Thailand contract in July but has of yet to ANNOUNCE the official contract signing and announce the potential revenues nor earnings. Why is this one potential APWR contract with Thailand so important for the company and the current shareholders???

In a nutshell, there is life “”PRE THAILAND”"” and “”"POST THAILAND”‘ contract for APWR and for the future APWR shareholders. Before Thailand, APWR has announced 320 million in guidance with nothing booked substantial for Q1 in the winter cold months to balance out the lumpy, seasonal earnings and guidance. POST THAILAND, APWR will guide UP on revenues, will guide UP on NET INCOME, and will have more steady quarterly numbers going forward and a record Q12010 quarterly coming up for Wall Street to compare past results to future results which will increase quarterly revenues by over 100% per quarter. With this kind of growth, the current APWR shareholders will see a totally NEW company flush with cash and profits and then add the future growth of (OTC:APWR) and China/GE wind sales and APWR is poised for rocket growth going forward “”"POST THAILAND”"” PR into 2010 and beyond.

IF and when the Thailand contract is announced, a flurry of NEW INVESTORS will flock to APWR over the coming years as the revenues and profits print higher EPS and higher growth rates quarter over quarter. Thailand contract will validate the premise I have that APWR is a player in the biomass and DPG model of building clean, green power for China and the world. We as shareholders have NOT heard of any solid contracts from the newly formed Shenyang Power Alliance which will score numerous wins in coming years also adding growth to APWR for future gains.   Also, the (NYSE:GE) Joint Venture for APWR and GE to produce wind gear boxes for Asia and GE and China has not been revealed for future growth.

In CLOSING, if you are long APWR, this is the time to ADD to your position BEFORE the Thailand contract is finalized. If APWR fails to land and secure the Thailand contract, of course the stock price will fail to take off as promised by management by years end. The risk /reward ratio is weighted imho to the LONGS on APWR where jobs are already posted in Thailand and APWR management has already SAID that the Thailand work began in July and the finalized EXPANDED CONTRACT is still being negotiated according to the Liaonng subsidiary of APWR.

Disclosure:: Author is VERY LONG on APWR