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2010 Estimates Up for APWR

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), GE

The early estimates are up for my blog and there is quite the conservative feel to just basically repeating the 2009 DPG model but the potential is all about ''''What IF??"""

What if APWR lands the Thailand DPG contract for 300 million over 3 years???

What if APWR lands the Macau LNG MOU that was previously announced for 1.5 BILLION ????

What if APWR books out the wind turbine factory for 2010 by a large Chinese government wind farm contract?????

lots of great potential that will take TIME and PATIENCE to fully accelerate the stock price for the future.  A current p/e of 8 is really not too bad a value play given the overall world economy.