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Signifigance of a China 1.5 Billion Wind Farm Inside Texas

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

some of U who read this might want to figure out the coming monster named (OTC:APWR) in China Green Energy which now has become a global player in WORLD Green Energy.   APWR has signed a MOU for a 1.5 Billion Wind Farm inside Texas and this makes the first ever wind farm inside Texas and USA from China.   Where there is smoke,  there is future fire and CHINA and APWR are going to become a green power monster into the future.  

APWR has two other signifigant contracts under provisioning and negotiation and if either THAILAND 600MW biomass contract is signed or the Macau Island 1.5 Billion LNG plant which has a subsequent 1.0 billion nat gas plant attached to the bid, well, APWR is going to scream into the future if and when they sign these contracts!   APWR does 320 million revenues for 2009 and a few BILLION dollar contracts for APWR are going to make institutional investors sit up and take notice.   There is NO stopping CHINA from taking over the green energy market of the world so you may as well join them as capitalistic partners vs whine and moan about China taking over the world in green energy.   

DISCLOSURE : Author is LONG on APWR and other Wind Stocks, AMSC and Vestas