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My Thoughts on the Obama China Global Climate Trip Nov 15th

|Includes: American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC), APWR
Author: skibare Edit

11 Nov

Regardless of your political opinions, the world is going to be watching very closely as President Obama visits China and talks global climate changes. The Obama group and the Chinese have been talking behind the scenes so this whole photo op has already been scripted and debated and agreed on before hand and there will be no surprises except to those that have no clue of where this new global plan is headed.

China and USA must sign a new plan and become leaders in green energy for the worlds future or else we can just bend over and kiss our polluted behinds goodbye. The Obama team has ”partnered” with the Chinese and everyone in world is going to be surprised on this new global green energy partnership about to be unveiled and released by the Chinese with the USA president on China soil. Letting the Chinese announce this new initiative is one of the smartest and shrewdest political ideas ever an it takes a very smart team like the Obama Global Green Energy team to come up with this plan and idea.

China will announce new PPM for Carbon Dioxide and announce a brand new global initiative and push for wind and solar unprecedented in the history of mankind. China must build 284,000 new wind turbines by 2030 just to meet Chinas’ new numbers for minimum renewable energy targtets. China will also drop the current 70% Wind Power protectionism rules that prohibit foreign wind companies like GE and Vestas and Gamesa and Suzlon from fully going after the massive China wind power market. By dropping this 70% wind protectionism clause, China will open its borders to a multitude of foreign wind companies but GE and Vestas will be the main beneficiaries of this new policy. Jobs in Europe and USA will be created by this new open borders policy President Obama has worked long and hard for.

China will get its FIRST EVER Wind Turbine farm inside Texas and China banks will finance this new exported China wind turbine farm to USA. China will have open borders for rest of world and the main Wind Players in China….. Sinovel, Goldwind, and Dongfang will all prosper as China exports wind turbines to Asia and Africa and the USA. APWR , USREG, CIELO , and the Shenyang Power Alliance will announce this tradeoff allowing China Wind turbines inside USA and Texas.

The market for WIND POWER for 2030 is around 26 TRILLION globally and so as you can see, its a wide open wild west forming around the rush to push to China and build green. This meeting Nov 15th will announce all the new numbers and estimates going forward. When China does something, they do it very large and China motivated to clean up its air is going to be the driving force for the next 20 years time frame. More wind power will come online in the next 3 years inside China than the entire world added together!!! APWR , AMSC , and Vestas are going to be the main beneficiaries of this new Global Wind Treaty.

Author is Very Long on APWR and other positions in AMSC and Vestas