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Rebuttal of Sen Shumer and the Texas China Wind Farm Deal

|Includes: APWR, General Electric Company (GE)

President Obama has obviously been in touch with Senator Shumer but for those that do not follow the story,  (OTC:APWR) is going to build and finance a 1.5 billion wind farm in Texas and the deal will probably be done while Obama is in China Nov 15th.   The Chinese are going to get this 1.5 billion wind farm in Texas as a gift to open their borders to foreign wind turbine companies.   China is going to announce a new global plan to lower carbon dioxide and the USA will join China in addressing the continuing need for China to limit its pollution while continuing its growth.  As Senator Shumers letter says, 70% of all wind turbines built in last year were built by foreign wind turbine companies.   What difference does it make if its German, French, Spanish, or China wind turbines???    Shumer obviously does NOT understand President Obama going for the 26 trillion wind power market in the next 20 years inside China and if Shumer cannot see the big trees for the bushes in front of his NY face, well, thats his problem!   26 trillion open Chinese markets takes precedent for a small gift like 1.5 billion and Texas gets clean power and an ever increasing tax base for future job growth  in those four counties inside Texas.

Sen Shumer , we only have one large wind turbine company in the top 20 of the world and that is GE and you cannot require to have GE build all wind turbines inside the USA.  Get a grip since New York has Iberdrola and Endesa in New York building green power wind turbines.   Maybe the honorable Senator should study the facts before he flies off the handle trying to get political points scored and remember sir, 26 TRILLION is a lot more zeroes than 1.5 billion!