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Chinas Inner Wind Energy Laws and the Obama Visit

|Includes: APWR, GE, Vestas Wind Systems A/S ADR (VWDRY)

President Obama is headed to China to discuss and announce this new China plan to go more green than previously thought by society.  Right now, China joins USA in polluting with coal to the tune of about 70% of the nations electricity used in each country.

China installed a new plan in 2006 which requires that any country run utility producing more than 5000MW's be REQUIRED to build 3% renewable energy by 2010 and 8% by 2020 of renewable power and since Wind is cheaper than solar, wind wins the majority of new renewable contracts.

One must look at the large numbers China produces in power consumption to get a grasp around the size of the China market.  China will take over the worlds lead in installed capacity of mw's  by wind power in 2011.    Some of the companies to benefit but too numerous to mention will be anyone who makes wind components or wind turbines or the grid products needed to install the variable power of wind turbines to the much needed grid updates China must do over time.

(NYSE:KDN), (NASDAQ:ZOLT), (NYSE:HXL), (NASDAQ:WGOV), (NYSE:TRN), (NYSE:GE), (NASDAQ:AMSC), ( Gamesa, Suzlon, (SIE), and others will all be benefitting over time.  China installing 18,000 of megawatts of wind power in 2011 will lead the world in installed capacity yearly capacity.    China could spend 26 trillion on green energy by the year 2030.

IF this new China plan is announced by the joint signing of China and USA for new green growth numbers (I am hearing USA and CHINA will COMMIT to 15% renewable by 2020), the amount of green power needed will skyrocket immediately as two of the richest countries in the world go green and announce new spending in a joint venture before Copenhagen Dec 15th!

(NASDAQ:APWR), Dongfang, Sinovel, and Goldwind will all benefit immensely as the leading China wind power producers.

Author is long (APWR), (AMSC), and (